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Kindergarten- Spanish

In kindergarten Spanish we are learning "The Three Little Pigs." By hearing the story numerous times, students are acquiring valuable structures such as want (quiere) and goes (va). They are doing a great job!

Julie Dashley

Spanish Teacher

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1st Grade

1st Grade- Library

In first grade we have been learning how to retell a story using a variety of tools on our iPads.

Marie Zimmerman

Library Media Specialist

2nd Grade

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2nd Grade- Art

2nd graders have been working hard to create artworks from different categories: narrative, ceremonial, functional, or expressive. After looking at examples of these kinds of artworks, they were inspired to design their own, using a material of their choice. ALL of 2nd grade’s student artworks will be on display as a part of our school-wide art show STEAM Family Night – March 21!

Jennifer Flynn

Art Teacher

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3rd Grade

3rd grade- Music

3rd grade has been collaborating with the classroom teachers as well as the library on their PBL to produce commercials for their products. Be on the lookout for when their commercials go into production!

Over the next few weeks we will begin to apply our music reading skills in to playing the recorder.

Alyssa Vanderpool

Music Teacher

4th Grade

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4th grade- Physical Education

Right now, 4th Grade is in the middle of our basketball unit. Basketball involves a variety of skills that may be practiced individually, in pairs, or with groups. Activities in this unit follow a high-activity, skill progression which can be adapted for a variety of skill levels. Activities are designed to include and challenge all students' physical skills, while maintaining enjoyable, health-promoting, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity during class.

Nick Behymer

Physical Education Teacher

5th Grade

5th grade- Library

Students have been learning about copyright and Adobe Spark Video. They studied an actual copyright lawsuit and created videos showing their opinion on the matter.

Marie Zimmerman

Library Media Specialist

Guidance Counseling

Guidance - All Grade Levels

This quarter your school counselor has been SUPER BUSY! In two months I have made it into each and every classroom to work on our Empathy Unit as well as moving into our Emotional Management Unit!

Second graders made empathy posters and 3rd graders made empathy books. Kindergartners made Anger Monsters and 1st graders practiced calm down strategies.

All students are learning to recognize their own and others feelings, and the younger students are practicing what they can say and do to show compassion.

The Johnson students continue to amaze me every day.

Whitney McKay

Guidance Counselor

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Johnson STEAM Family Night 2019

Thursday, March 21st, 5-7pm

Johnson Elementary

Save the Date! See details on the flyer below!

We will have the gym, library building, and 3rd-5th grade classrooms filled with great activities for your family to enjoy.

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Library Books

Please remind students to turn in books on time. Of course, books can be renewed. If a book is lost, the student will have to pay the replacement costs. If your child has an overdue item, you will receive an automated message from our library management system, Destiny.
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