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The Week of May 2nd - 6th

Happy Friday,

Staff Appreciation Week begins! Thank you, thank you for all the dedication you show the students, families and each other! You are a Superstar staff! PTA has planned a wonderful week of treats for you! Please enjoy and thank the PTA for all they do!

If you are moving, you know by now. Everyone else can breath out! We will have all the logistics on the move to present to you on May 11th at the staff meeting. It will take all staff member participation and everyone will have a role to play. Please do not start packing or tearing down rooms. We have several weeks of instruction and learning to go. Everyone should stay focused on students and learning.

Mrs. Kaye is still in our hearts and we hope to hear soon when we can expect to have our Butterfly back! In the meantime, feel free to text, send a card, sign up for a meal etc.

Thank you again for preparing for the Legislative Breakfast. We shined and put early childhood on their minds. We are lucky to have a Board of Trustees, Superintendent and Cabinet that support us in a big way! They were all SO impressed!

Apparently, we are becoming a popular destination! On Thursday, May 12th, we will have a group here from Odessa, TX to tour and learn about our program. The building looks great, let's just keep it up!

Great American Clean Up is happening and we are partnering with Market Street. Volunteers will be here to spruce up our playgrounds, fill our sand tables, plant some flowers, power wash, paint, etc...! The dates will be Saturday 5/21 and Saturday 5/28 from 8-12. Please let me know if you are available to help supervise on one or both of those mornings!

Update, We have ordered the SUPER COOL DIE CUT MACHINE from Variquest!!!! We will have it and training in August!

Please remember, after using one of the conference rooms, leave it the way you found it. Please reconnect all computer equipment, plug everything in, put things back on chargers so that the next guest will be ready to go when they arrive. Thank you!

Coming soon:

Tuesday, May 3 Dental Presentation (MPR)

Wednesday, May 4 Mobile Classroom

Wednesday, May 4 Beaty Family Picnic 11:15-12:15

Friday, May 6 N6 Mtg (MPR) @ 11:30

Upcoming April Birthday Girls:

Nikki Alexander 5/1

Krista Porst 5/1

Brooke Johnson 5/3

Dennise Schuler 5/3

Gerry Shows 5/4

Tiffany Pi 5/14

Allie Bitter 5/18

Jenny Bolivar 5/21

Janice Blake 5/25

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • I want to thank Brooke! You made coming to work much easier this week. I enjoyed this week with you, you kept me busy so I wouldn't let myself down. Thank you so much for that! That's exactly what I needed!- Karina

  • Thank you to Jeanne for being so flexible this week! You rock! ~Emily
  • Dennise Schuler……THANK YOU for your wonderful help with books for our class!!!! The students always enjoy the assortment. ~Clutter, Rabbani & Calvert
  • Thank you Rhonda, Bridgette, Gaylon, and Jan for playing escort to all our guests Tuesday.
  • Shout out to Elena, Jan, Flor, and all the helpers that worked on the fantastic informational displays around the building.
  • Kudos to the best Office Staff. Rhonda, Maria and Debbie are fantastic help to all, always wearing a smile and solving our problems.~ Dennise
  • Alesia, Jackie, Jennifer, and Janice thank you for letting Mrs. Treviño’s class join your class for a day! Our kids really enjoyed interacting with your little ones.  ~Lisa Duran
  • Fabby, thank you for buying me lunch the day I didn’t bring my lunch or my wallet. ~Lisa Duran
  • Jennifer and Janice thank you for the effort you both made to speak to my kiddo’s in Spanish! ~Lisa Duran
  • Lori – thank you for renovating our doll house!! It is amazing!! You are wonderful and creative!! Thank you!! I love it! ~Coleen
  • Thank you Miros for filling in the gap recently! You make a difference!
  • Marta – thank you for working so hard on the Memory Books!! You are awesome!! I don’t know what I’d do without you! ~Coleen
  • Amanda – thank you for being a great team member and collaborating so well with me! ~Coleen
  • N4 – to my wonderful team! I know I’ve said it many times, but you make work more fun!! Keep up the good work!! ~Coleen