My Research subjects

3 Topics


~Soccer is my favorite sport! I love playing soccer on my school team, my travel team, and just for fun. I like to watch soccer on tv all the time and have great knowledge on big soccer teams and their players internationally. Ronaldinho, a famous soccer player, has been a big inspiration on my young soccer career.

My Research Question:

~Why do Americans call soccer "soccer" when europeans and everyone else around the world call it football?

A Book On Soccer From The Babylon School Library

~20 Soccer Superstars by Mauricio Velazquez de Leon (796.334 Vel).


~I enjoy fishing in the summer! I go fishing with my friends and sometimes my dad off of charter boats, off the dock, in the bay, at Argyle Lake, or at Southards Pond. I own a lot of fishing poles and have a big tackle box full of all sorts of hooks and bobbers, etc. To me, fishing is a very relaxing way to just hang out with friends and family.

My Research Question

~What are all the types of sea creatures I am able to catch in nearby bodies of water and what do I use/how do I catch them?

A Book On Fishing From The Babylon School Library


~I enjoy mathematics in school! I see math greatly involved in future jobs I will hold as an adult. My math average in Math 8x is very high and in 7th grade I got the math scholastic award, which means I had the highest math average in the 7th grade. I am also happy that I am good at mathematics since it is one of the most important topics to be good at as you go through life.

My Research Question

~Why do math teachers teach students certain topics in math that don't necessarily relate to the real world?

A Book On Math From The Babylon School Library

~Math & society : reading life in numbers by Robert Gardner (001.4 GAR).