Appy Hour

Come learn how to use tech to work smarter, not harder!

Join our ISTE team in these fun, interactive, face-to-face sessions.

Appy Hour isn't a new concept in schools. But, it's one of the best ways to challenge ourselves to learn a new tech application, use it in our classroom and share it with other teachers! Our Appy Hours will be short and sweet! We will spend a little time showing off the new app and then we allow plenty of time for you to play with it and then share out ideas of how to use it in the classroom.

Optional Staff Development Sessions focused on integrating technology!

Appy Hour will take place in the library on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:30-8:20 am. We learned so much at ISTE and we would like to share our learning with all of you! Each session will be facilitated by an ISTE Team Member in a face-to-face format.

Sept 16 - Danielle & Jillian - Makerspace/Genius Hour Part 1

Oct 21 - Melissa - Coding: Sketch, Daisy Dino, Kodable, TinkerBox and Hopscotch

Nov 18 - Erin - Google My Maps

Dec 16 - Sam - ThingLink

Jan 20 - Danielle & Jillian - Makerspace/Genius Hour Part 2

Feb 17 - Erin & Danielle - Mystery Skype

March 16 - Tiffany - Creating and Narrating Stories Using Lego Builds, iWitness

April 20 - Cheryl - Curriculet

May 18 - ISTE - Preview 2016

Heritage ISTE Team ~ Working to Build Capacity with Technology Integration

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!

Using the 20% model to ignite professional learning!

Innovative companies like Google and 3M know the best ideas come from exploration. Bring out the best in your teachers by motivating them intrinsically to create! One of the best ways we found to ignite our teachers, was to allow "play time". Moving PD away from required to optional and giving teachers time to explore and create together while being facilitated instead of directed.

Bottom Line: We want to ensure that at least 20% of our PD is for creativity and discovering innovative ideas!