Friday Focus-Admin Style


Quote for the Week

"Education is the single most important job of the human race!"

-George Lucas

Looking Forward-Things You Need to Know

9-9 MAP Testing Begins

9-9 Principal Pre-Leadership Meeting @12:30-Substantive Topic: TOSA'S Role at your school

9-9 Leadership @ 1:30-Have you located your "Red Binder?" Discussion on Comprehensive Safe School Plan; Bring Your School's Emergency Plan-(Snacks from Stephan)

9-10 ELD Job Alike-Did you know that we have new ELD Standards? This will be a future Substantive Topic for one of our Principal Meetings.

9-12 District Strategic Planning @ Solana Pacific-Speaking of Strategic Plan...

Have you all notified your teachers that will be presenting at your SITE Strategic Planning days??

"Bye Bye API??" Wouldn't this be sweet? CDE News Release This could be great news!

Can you say Manning/Manning Super Bowl? Go Broncos!

EduAwesome Drops in Our Bucket...

  • Thank you to Lisa Platt and the SV staff for allowing me to walk your classrooms with you and get an overview of your school and your goals for the year! It was "EduAwesome" to see firsthand how hard the teachers had worked on Routines and Procedures the first week of school-SV kiddos were on-task; engaged; and already digging into the Treasure's Curriculum! And such consistency across the individual grade levels! WOW!!
  • I had the pleasure of visiting CC this week also-Thank you Terri and Matt for taking the time to tour your school on Thursday! Just like at SV, the students looked like they had been in school for weeks! No one would have guessed it was only the 9th day of school! Also, So Fun to see so many of the teachers using S'Cool Moves from the Buy Back Days and implementing Common Core Standards!
  • Kudos to our TOSA's for all of their efforts as the begin to establish relationships with Grade Level Teams; Determine School/Grade Level goals; strive to meet the Technology Instructional Needs of the teachers; and keep up on the latest "Best Practices" for21st Century Learning! NOT an easy job! Not to mention helping me plan for our Principal Meeting on Monday.
  • Thank you to the Tech Dept. for working as fast as they can to get all of the Student Log In information rolled out to sites is a Super Speedy Fashion!! And for always being there when we need them-especially right before Back to School Night Presentations!
  • Thank you to those of you who have popped onto Survey Monkey to give me some feedback on our Principal PLC. If you haven't had time-please Click Here and take 2 minutes to complete the survey. Thanks!!

Video of the Week

A Great Video reminding all of us that students come to us with very unique needs and we have the opportunity to Make a Difference!

Who Will Be My Hero?

Blogs, Tweets and Pins-Our Very Own PLN

  • Another great person to follow on twitter is @ToddWhitaker- "One goal of every faculty meeting is to make sure teachers are more excited about teaching tomorrow than they were today."
  • Timely Articles/links to send out to teachers

The Biggest "Game Changer" in Education (hint...It's not what you may think...)

A plethora of information on going 1:1 (this site isn't just great for teachers-Check it out!)

10 Digital Field Trips for the Modern Classroom (and you don't have to pay for a bus!)

Final Thoughts to Ponder...

"A leader is a person you would follow to a place you wouldn't go by yourself."

-Joel Barker

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