Scientific Revolution Research

By Sarah Jarquin

Reason why he was important/ Interesting

He was an important part in history because he invented what is the heliocentric theory explaining that the sun is the center of our universe unlike what the catholic bible says that Earth is the middle.

Nicolas Copernicus

He was born February 19, 1473. He was born in Torus, Poland. His family was financially trouble at the time. Also his father died when he was a boy so he was raised by his uncle. He went to a university which was the university of padua.
He died the year 1543 on may 24th. He was in job 4 things a Mathematician, physician, Astronomer, Diplomat, Artist and an Economist. He did a career in the church he prepared for that for at the time he was a catholic.
Nicolaus changed history in a way for us to see science and space as in our Universe differently. He helped us now have the knowledge that the sun is the middle of the galaxy not Earth because it was odd to him that from the Catholics the sun wasn't the middle.
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