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May 22th, 2017


Hello Pony Family! I am Bethany Wooster. I was born and raised in Lewisville...Go Marauders! I have a younger brother who got married two years ago and a step brother. I moved to San Marcos at 26 to go to college at Texas State. I was fortunate to be able to do my student teaching in New Zealand, and graduated in 2000. I then met my husband, Bobby, and his daughters, Cherish and Sarah. I began teaching a PPCD inclusion class in Austin for 7 years. Cherish and Sarah’s mother passed away shortly before we married, so I quickly became a mother of 3 after having Haley. We were married for 5 years before his passing in 2013. Cherish had moved out, but I was blessed to be able to adopt Sarah a year later. After the adoption, we moved back to Lewisville, to be closer to my family. While facing challenges, we have had many blessings through our tragedy. The biggest being that God saved me and I was baptized in 2015, along with adopting my daughter and being close to my parents as they get older. This also brought me to Lewisville Elementary where I have been for 3 years now. I absolutely adore the students and the school that God gave me, and am blessed to teach in the district that I grew up in! I am also excited to be able to go on my first short term mission trip to Ecuador in September! God is good!!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017 will be the last day we will have RTI meetings for this school year. If you have sent a request for an RTI meeting and you have not received a scheduled date, it is because the schedule has been completely booked. Those of you who have not been scheduled a meeting, please know that those meetings will be scheduled in the Fall with the new teacher of record. Please go into the FOG and describe specifically the academic and/or behavior concern you have regarding this student. Thank you so much for being an advocate for our students' educational growth.

A Minute with the LASes...

Please join us for our PTA- Multicultural Night on TUESDAY, May 23 from 6:00-7:30!

Ponies, we are a melting pot of different cultures and personal stories and we want to honor our heritage. We have a group of 20 students who became authors of a book titled "My Land, My Story" and they will present their work this Tuesday. Also, Kinder and First grade students will sing and dance under Mr. Thomas' direction, and our K-2 students from Dance Club will perform.

As our students share a glimpse of our cultural richness, we will also need your support! We would love to have a table with artifacts from around the world. If you can, would you share some with us or, even better, would you stay and participate with us on Tuesday evening?

Click here to sign up!


  • 6:00 to 6:20 Explore the Multicultural Display.
  • 6:20 6:50 PTA will begin and Kindergarten and 1st graders will be performing.
  • 6:50 to 7:10 A group of 20 students who became authors of a book titled "My Land, My Story" will present their work.
  • 7:10 to 7:30 Multicultural Dance

On the 12 days left of school, my Principal let me...

Monday, May 22nd – Take a Break- wear your PJs!

Tuesday, May 23rd – Wear College T-Shirt!

Wednesday, May 24th – Vacation is almost here! Wear your favorite vacation shirt!

Thursday, May 25th – WWPD? What Would Ponies Do? Wear your Pony Pride Shirt!

Friday, May 26th – ** eXcited for Summer! Wear your summer hat!

Tuesday, May 30th – **Your Future is Bright! Wear bright colors!

Wednesday, May 31st – **Zany Summer Hair! Crazy Hair Day!
Thursday, June 1st - Summer is Here! Wear your Sunglasses!


Students have been working diligently to come to school on time. During the second week of May, two classes have received "No Tardy Tater" award certificates! Remember, complete your Mr. Potato Head with no tardies for ten days, and your class receives a certificate and a treat.

Award Recipients May 15th - 19th:

Grade - Teacher/Classroom - Award #

Kindergarten - Bernal, I. - Award #2

Kindergarten - O'Donnell - Award #3

4th Grade - Bernal, Y. - Award #8

4th Grade - Goodman - Award #2

4th Grade - Varona - Award #12

Think Through Math

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have passed 74% of their on grade level lessons in Think Through Math. Students have passed 7,223 on grade level lessons and 4,961 below grade level lessons, for a total of 12,184 TTM lessons passed during this school year. That is an increase of 560 lessons passed during this past week! Please encourage our ponies to keep up their good work. :)

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Creating Rosters with Pinks and Blues - Monday, May 22nd

We will be following the PLC time schedule and format Monday, May 22nd. During the 90 minute block of time, we will be working together to sort the classes for the next school year.

Click here to see instructions to create rosters

During rotations time, students will have structured time outside with Instructional Support staff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)

Stephanie Sanchez

No Excuses University College Week

Let the fun continue!

Our No Excuses University application process continues. Please expand on your research with your students about the university that your class represents. Teach students their class year. For example, our 5th graders will be graduating high school Class of 2024 and graduating college class of 2028... Wow!

Think of ways you can make this week and your college research engaging. Examples:

Take a lot of pictures and videos so we can include them in our No Excuses University application!

We want to ask you to create a University "Bilingual" Chant with your grade level.

These chants will be shared during our first No Excuses University Assembly on May 25th before we begin our Move Up Day Experience.

See examples: https://youtu.be/pXdVeWUpGrw

Move Up Day

Let's engage our students to get excited about next year. Following the Lewisville ES tradition, we will have our Move Up Day on May 25th.

We will begin our day in the gym for our first Lewisville ES No Excuses University Assembly. Students will then be dismissed to their "Move Up Day" classrooms from the gym.

  • Kinder students will "move up" to 1st grade.
  • 1st will "move up" to 2nd grade.
  • 2nd will "move up" to 3rd grade.
  • 3rd will "move up" to 4th grade.
  • 4th will "move up" to 5th grade.
  • Our 5th grade students will be assisting other grade levels throughout the day.

Special Note to Kindergarten Teachers: You will have the special opportunity to meet some of next year's students currently attending Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center.

  • Please, plan to be at LJJ by 7:30.
  • Lunch will be provided to you at LJJ.
  • You will receive more details in the early part of the week.

1st grade to 5th grade

  • Please click on this link to see your receiving class.

1st grade Dual Language classrooms, please make this day a SPANISH DAY.

ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES - Thursday, May 25th

  • 7:30: Have 2nd - 4th grade students sit by grade level facing the stage as they arrive. Leave space for Kinder and 1st grade.
  • 7:40: Dismiss 5th grade students from the music room; 5th grade teachers will take them to the Gym.
  • 7:45: Dismiss 1st grade students from the cafeteria to the gym.
  • 7:50: Dismiss Kindergarten students from the cafeteria to the gym.
  • 8:00 to 8:20: Assembly (Bands of various universities will be playing as students arrive.)
  • Mrs. Valdes will open the Assembly - Students will dance to the tune of ROAR.
  • Pledges - Student Council
  • Introduction of No Excuses University to students. After high school comes... College.
  • Grade Level chants
  • Closing with Campus Chant. We are going to college. Yes we are. We are going to college, what about you!

** The goal for next year is to finish the assembly by 8:00 AM. This will take some practice. Thursday is our learning experience. Thank you for your support!

Field Day

May 26th

  • K - 2nd Field Day - 8:30- 10:45

  • 3rd - 5th Field Day - 12:00-2:15

Lunch times reversed so everyone gets a sit down lunch:

3rd 10:30

4th 11:00

5th 11:30

Kindergaten 12:05

1st 12:35

2nd 1:05

End of Year Procedures Checklist

  • We will be sharing the EOY checklist with you this week.
  • Technology is also requesting that teachers complete the 2017 End of Year Classroom Technology Checklist. Please click on the link below that corresponds with your campus regarding this form. You must sign in with your “@staff.lisd.net account.” This can be completed at any time before the end of the year. This is similar to the form that was completed last year. It will provide technicians an account of what each teacher had at the end of the year in case there is anything missing in the Fall. This form includes items that are being turned in as well as items that the teacher will store. Please complete the form providing our District with an accurate record of what was in each classroom before summer break. As mentioned before, it can be completed at any time before the end of school.

Lewisville ES EOY Technology Checklist

Important Upcoming Dates

  • May 22nd...Special 90 Minute PLCs

  • May 24th...BLT meeting 3:10–4:30 (no staff meeting)

  • May 25th...Move Up Day and No Excuses Assembly

  • May 25th...5th grade Choir Celebration PM

  • May 26th...Staff Luncheon - Hosts are 1st Grade & Instr. Specialists, Field Day K--5, and Memorial 5th grade

  • May 29th...Memorial Day - School Holiday

  • May 30th...2:00 PM - Celebration for TTM, Istation, and Achieve 3000 accomplishments

  • May 30th... 5th grade Lock In PM

  • May 30th ...Last RTI Meeting (for 2016-2017)

  • May 31st...EOY Award Ceremonies for K - 4th gr. and EOY Staff Celebration

  • June 1st...5th gr. EOY Celebration and Award Ceremony, End of Year/Student Early Release, Lewisville ES will stay an additional 4 hours on 6/1

Calendar for the next two weeks

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Big image

Staff shout-outs

  • Mrs. Colmenero, Mrs. O'Donnell and Ms. Bernal for supporting me and my students last week.
  • Kim Kilam - Thanks for the STAAR support and treats!
  • Thank you Ms. Satterla for helping with Dance Club this week!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Echevarria and Mrs. Schwartz for a successful Career Day!
  • Thank you to Ms. Vando for helping with the Volunteers.
  • Thank you to Betty Guerrero for stepping up and helping us to finish strong.
  • Thank you to Vicki Butler, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Green for helping with the technology during the Come and Eat breakfast.
  • Thank you to Positive Ponies for keeping us positive.

Thanks for the Shout-Outs!

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Happy May Birthdays!

Victoria Hamilton May 7

Lakshmi Valdes May 7

Sandra Zamora May 14

Christina Chukwuedo May 15

Iraima Arocha May 17

Jerry Green May 19

***Naila Khimji May 19

Angela Snyder May 21

Barbara Kitchen May 23

Diahann Andrews May 25

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