News from the Academic Center

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Scheduling Events

We hope to have the online Academic Center room booking system up and running by the end of the week. In the interim, if you want to bring your class or schedule an event, please either call or e-mail Jill or Pat. We will consult the master list, confirm availability with you and, in the case of an event, get it on the correct iCal calendar for you. Whenever possible, give us notice at least the day before so we can put signs out to reserve the area for you before you arrive.

Spaces teachers can reserve:

  • teaming room (for meeting with fellow teachers)
  • idea lab
  • general seating (back area)

If you are planning an event, we will send back a checklist so you know all you need to know to get the room set up.

Orientations for Students and Teachers

Here are the dates/times for Academic Center orientations:

2/3 at 2:20 11th grade

2/4 at 2:20 12th grade

2/9 at 2:20 9th grade

2/11 at 2:20 10th grade

If you are an advisor, simply show up at your class meeting on the date above and do the orientation with your advisor group. Then, stay an extra 5-10 minutes so you can see the teaming room and learn how to operate the projectors in the general seating area.

If you don’t advise or are a 9th grade advisor who can’t go to the 9th grade orientation due to a department meeting, please come to any of the orientations that will work for you and join a group. If that doesn’t work, just let me know. I’m happy to set something up.


The Academic Center is a work in progress! Still, if you notice something, have an observation, an issue or an idea please let us know or share it using this feedback form. All thoughts are welcome, whether about the physical space (i.e. a missing door stop, a tricky bathroom lock) , feedback on how we're using/managing it (i.e. the room booking system could use an extra field so I can request X) or an idea (i.e. wouldn't it be cool to have some plants).