Cassidy Datin

"You have the right to be protected from kidnapping."

"Under federal and state law, kidnapping is commonly defined as the taking of a person from one place to another against his or her will, or the confining of a person to a controlled space." - See more at:

  • "Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child becomes missing or is abducted."

"Family kidnapping is committed primarily by parents, involves a larger percentage of female perpetrators (43 percent) than other types of kidnapping offenses, occurs more frequently to children under 6, equally victimizes juveniles of both sexes, and most often originates in the home."

Help raise awareness. You could save a life, maybe even your own child's.

  • "Based on the identity of the perpetrator, there are three distinct types of kidnapping: kidnapping by a relative of the victim or 'family kidnapping' (49 percent), kidnapping by an acquaintance of the victim or 'acquaintance kidnapping' (27 percent), and kidnapping by a stranger to the victim or 'stranger kidnapping' (24 percent)." Parents, make sure your child is always in the right care. Even if your related to the person who is with your child.

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