Drop The Handkerchief

By: Veronica, Vianna & Ashritha

Fun facts about Drop the handkerchief !

Drop the handkerchief is an old game from China .It is similar to Duck Duck Goose and Tap hand.it is normally played by people aged 5+.

How to play?

all the contestants have to sit in a big circle. Choose one person to be your chaser, all the contestant who are sitting down, must close their eyes!! the chaser will run around with a handkerchief and singing this joyful song,

A tisket,a tasket,

a green and yellow basket,

I wrote a letter to my love,

and on my way I dropped it,

I dropped It, I dropped it,and on my way I dropped it,

somebody here has picked it up,

and put it in your pocket,

it isn't you, it isn't you,

it's you

The chaser will drop the handkerchief behind a contestant's back. The person who has the handkerchief has to run after the chaser with the handkerchief.


Thank you for reading !!! :-)

By: Ashritha, Vianna & Veronica

drop the handkerchief
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