WCMS Orchestra

Welcome! I'm excited to have you in our orchestra.

About the program

In 2006, I started the orchestra program in legacy Shelby County through Collierville Middle and Schilling Farms Middle now West Collierville Middle. Over the years, it has expanded and grown. I am proud to still be starting new orchestra students and sending high school ready students onward. My goals are to create students with the technical ability while developing their love of learning to play music. I look forward to being part of your student's musical journey.

Orchestra curriculum is centered on learning to play a string instrument. The orchestra will study a varied repertoire of music: classical, folk, fiddle, movie theme, and popular styles. The course will also include composition, music history, listening, and music theory. Practice records and calendars are located at the bottom of the page for you to print out.


My class agendas are posted weekly. Click on "Classes" at the bottom of the page to access my weekly agendas.

There is an event link with information about each up coming event. Click on the appropriate tab to the right to access the WTSBOA event information. E.g. Solo and Ensemble, All West, and Concert Festival

I send out remind101 texts with reminders for orchestra events. Please subscribe.

WCMS 6th grade: text the message @wstring6 to the number 81010 to be added

WCMS 7th grade: text the message @wstring7 to the number 81010 to be added

WCMS 8th grade: text the message @wstring8 to the number 81010 to be added

I teach at WCMS only in the morning. Therefore if you call after I leave the building, I am unable to return your call until the following business day. Please email for faster results.


(901) 854-2345 (WCMS number)

I am looking forward to another great year at WCMS!

Sincerely, -- Britta Hall

Orchestra Director
Collierville Schools

"Let the love for literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, and, above all, music enter into your lives."

- Theodore Roosevelt