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Congratulations Fall TASC Graduates!

Three TASC students earned their diplomas in September. Great job done by these three girls!

Tomas earned his diploma too!

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Congratulations RAS/CTE Students of the Month for October!

Bristol Kromer-Animal Science Year 1

Romen Rogers-Computer Tech/Cyber Security Year 1

Ajax Randall- Animal Science Year 2

Michelle's Principal Page

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Greetings RAS Families!

I cannot tell you how good it feels to see our students attending classes in person and online. We are so happy to be able to offer instruction that is intentional and rigorous, even in the midst of a pandemic. Thank you for supporting us and your student by getting them to school or online classes.

And here it is the end of the first quarter. We’ve been open ten weeks and have managed to keep the doors open for most of that time. Students are learning the ins and outs of Google Classroom and teachers are learning new ways to instruct and include students in our community, no matter how they are choosing to attend school.

So many things here at RAS have changed, but I have to admit that some of the changes have been so positive that even after school is “back to normal” (who knows when that will be!), we are going to maintain some of our best fixes that were necessity due to COVID. We are really liking serving breakfast and lunch here in our building. We also think that fewer and longer class periods/day have some merit. Transportation is even running better than ever!

We have been extremely lucky to attract new staff members after some retirements and maintain staffing levels. We are all back and here to support students and families. Even with all of the world’s troubles right now, it is a time to be thankful and we are. As we move into the holiday season, we all realize how lucky we are to work together in this school. Thank you all for your continued support and flexibility as we do everything we can to keep students and staff healthy and the doors (physical and virtual) open!

A joyous holiday season to you all!


Wear your Be The One t-shirt day

Katrina, Denise, Rachel, Mary and Paula all wore their shirts on the same day!
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Life as a virtual student by Riley C.

In my opinion being a virtual student is great. Of course there are some things that make it a little difficult but it is definitely easier for me. My typical day as a virtual student starts with waking up and obviously getting on my computer. If I have a class when I first wake up then I join the meet and do whatever we are being asked to do in class. If I wake up before my classes start then I will either do work that I am behind on or I start some assignments early to try to avoid getting behind. I also will be in a class on a meet doing that work and I will also be finishing up some other assignments from another class at the same time. Overall I consider being a virtual student very time consuming but also satisfying.

Fun Fridays at RAS

Hat Day

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Flannel Friday is a fall favorite

Peace, love and flannel

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Wacky Sock Day

Tye Dye Day

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Schedule of upcoming fun Fridays

November 20 - Sports Day - Throw on a jersey, hat, or tee that reps your favorite sports team!

December 4 - Movie Day - Dress like a character from one of your favorite films!

December 11 - Scarf Day - It’s getting awfully chilly in here! You’d better put on a scarf!

December 18 - Ugly Holiday Sweater Day - This the season for ugly sweaters, wear yours with pride!

Colby Gatch's Senior Interview

Senior Spotlight Questions

Q. Was coming to RAS worth it?

A. Yes, coming to RAS was the best decision because if I didn't I would have dropped out.

Q. What advice would you give to younger students?

A. I would tell the younger students at RAS to always remember that your emotions don’t define you.

Q. Which three adults do you connect with most?

A. The 3 adults I connect with the most would have to be Paula, Michelle and Mr. Whelpley.

Q. What do you like that RAS does differently?

A. I like how the RAS community is always there to help students even if it means giving up their free period to help students with assignments.

Q. What could RAS do better?

A. I think RAS could reach out to kids who can’t advocate for themselves. I think there are kids in public schools who could benefit from RAS that don’t know how to ask.

Q. What are you going to do when you graduate?

A. After I graduate I will start working probably with children while taking a year off before going to college.

Q. What would you say to students who were thinking about attending RAS?

A. I would say to people who are thinking about attending Ras Is RAS has the best high school environment for students who need more support educationally and mentally.

Monty is looking forward to the holiday season

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This edition of the RAS reporter was created by Rachel Townsend's Journalism Class:

Deven Ayres-Santmyer

Riley Carpenter

Colby Gatch

Alyssa Garrow

Kevin Krise

Romen Rogers

Mariah Scutt-Cornell

Emma Trevits

Photos by Paula and Ms. James