Helping Hands Foundation

Non-Profit Organization

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About us

Helping Hands Foundation is a Non-Profit organization funded by people all over the world. Our Foundation uses all the money we collect to help people across the world that don't have access to clean water or proper sanitation. Our Foundation has helped thousands of people suffering from diseases due to unsafe water and unproper sanitation.

How does unsafe water affect people?

Unsafe water can put a huge impact on people's lives, women and children especially. Children are the most vulnerable to diseases from unsanitary water, over 1,400 children die every day because of it. Women have to walk over 4 miles everyday to collect water from ponds and rivers, because they spend all of their time collecting water, they have no time for an education, so they're stuck at home collecting water

How does un proper sanitation affect people?

Unproper sanitation can cause deadly diseases to people who don't have access to proper sanitation. Over 3.5 million in Ghana alone do not have proper sanitation, this is a major problem. Unproper sanitation has killed millions of people already.
PSA: Water Shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa