Save our Rhinos

By Will

The Rhinoceros

There are five species of Rhino, the Black Rhino, the White Rhino, the Indian Rhino, the Sumatran Rhino and the Javan Rhino. They may differ but they are all endangered species and they are all endangered for the same reasons. The Rhinos are being poached for their horns. Although poaching is illegal many people still do it. There are charities like the travelling rhino project and many others but it is still not enough to save the rhinos. The more people involved in a charity, the better chance we have of putting an end to poaching for good.

Rhinoceros Classification

<>Scientific Names:

Black Rhino = Diceros Bicornis

White Rhino = Ceratotherium Simum

Indian Rhino = Rhinoceros Unicornis

Sumatran Rhino = Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis

Javan Rhino = Rhinoceros Sondaicus

<>Gestation = 16 months


Black Rhino = 900-1400kg

White Rhino = 1800kg +

<>Life Span = 35-40years

<>Diet = Herbivore

Rhino Facts

<>Rhinos can run up to 50 km per hour.

<>The population of the African Rhino has decreased by 97.6% since 1960.

<>The western black rhinoceros became officially extinct on Tuesday 7th May 2013.

<>In 2000 there was a statement saying there was 5 western black rhinos left in the wild but no photographic evidence was provided.

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The rhino is endangered because of a large amount of illegal poaching. The rhinos are hunted by poachers for their horns. This is because the horns are worth a lot on the Asian market ($50 000). The reason rhinoceros horns are worth so much is because it is used for medicinal purposes and is believed to cure sicknesses. On average 100 rhinos are killed every month which will lead to extinction by 2018 unless we put a stop to it! Poaching is cruel and needs to be stopped sooner rather than later so click on the link below and join the attempts to stop illegal poaching.