The Feast of St James the Greater

The Feast of St James the Greater and Grandparents Day

The Feast Day of St James the Greater is on the 25 July 2022.

Here at St James’ we choose to combine this celebration with Grandparents Day for a very special reason. The day after the feast day, the 26th July, is the feast day of St Joachim and Anne, who were Jesus’ grandparents!

So we welcome you, our whanau and our Grandparents, to come into school to celebrate this special day.

Date: Tuesday 26th July

Time: 1:00pm we begin in the hall with a liturgy, followed by a shared lunch and some play at 1:30pm, followed by some in class

shared learning about St James the Greater at 2:15pm.

School then finishes at 2:50pm.

To bring: All learners are asked to bring some kai to share for lunch.

Thank you and God bless.

Andrea Cawood