The Wonderful Whales

Miss Vananzo's Amazing Team: Nov. 16

News from Room 25.

Swimming Through a Great Week!

  • In reading/spelling we...
  • worked on the various spellings of long "a", a, ay, ai, and ey. We read word lists, printed rhyming words and listened to clues to find the correct long "a" word.
  • are in the process of reading: Sled Dogs Run, in order to create a graphic organizer that tells about event that happened at the beginning, middle and end.
  • read a Weekly Reader article and learned about Veterans Day and the different branches of the armed forces
  • chose a story we enjoyed and created a book report
  • identified water habitats and animals that live in or near them

In math we:

  • identified the names and attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • covered a shape without gaps using pattern blocks
  • identified numbers that are "neighbors" to begin learning the doubles + one addition facts

Ocean of Events

  • School Store Thursdays - 2nd & 3rd grade
  • American Education Week – Nov. 16-20 – JES visitation schedule

********Grade 2: Tuesday, Nov. 17: 9:30-11:30********

  • Nov. 2-23: THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE by PTA Outreach – see suggested donations on our online newsletter

  • Nov 18 - Flu-Mist for children 3-18 years ot Jacksonville ES from 4:00-6:00 pm

  • Outreach Thanksgiving Kids Clubs: Permission forms coming home soon –

    Nov. 20th for Kdg.-3rd

  • Nov 24 - Picture Make-up Day

  • Nov 26 & 27 - Closed for THANKSGIVING

  • Nov 30 - Book Fair Begins

Catch of the Week

  • Thank you so much for wonderful parent conferences. It was so nice to sit and talk with all of you about your child's progress. Thanks for being such caring parents.
  • American Education Visit: Tuesday; 9:30-11:30: Your students will participate in a language arts activity and then a math activity.
  • Thank so much for your donations of wipes and tissues. These are truly appreciated.

It's a Whale of a Word

Our word of the week is:

Research (noun)

Definition: careful study that is done to find and report new knowledge about something

Sentence: We will do research to learn about animals that live in the sea.

**Two "I Caught You" coupons to any student who brings the word on the week into class written on a piece of paper.

Our Symbaloo

If all is working well, your child should be able to access: Spelling City and BCPS One to practice their spelling words for week and review math skills in Dreambox. I will also email the link to everyone for Technology Tuesday. I added a new piece this week title: Padlet. Students will each respond to the prompt and type their answer. You can open up Padlet and add a response as well.

For Pebblego

username: pebblego

password: bcps

Tumble Books

username: bcps

password: tumble

Main Idea: Brain Pop Jr. Video

In class we will be discussing main idea and supporting details to create paragraphs and stories. When your child watches this video, Annie and Moby share wonderful information about this concept.