US and Canada Relationship

By: Zane Norris

History of migration

Ever since the 1750's, there has been a lot of mingling between the two nations, with many people supporting movements in each of the two countries.

During the Revolutionary War, many colonists moved North, into the southern portions of Canada such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec.


The United states is a republic which is a government in which the people vote for representatives to make tough decisions for them. Canada, on the other hand, is a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is a system of government where a specific family is in charge of the nation, but they still have a constitution. In America, to pass laws, they have to pass it through the 3 branches government, judiciary, legislative and executive. In Canada, they person in charge chooses laws based on what their constitution says.


The majority of people in both Canada and America are Christian. However, there is a large group of Non-religious people in both countries. And a very very small group of people that are either Islamic, Jewish, or Hindu.


The US and Canada are the worlds largest trading relationship, and because of this, many more people have jobs. They also share an electric Grid. And Canada supplies the US with oil, uranium, chemicals, energy, smelting industries and minerals for mining.

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