Hurricane Katrina

By: Tony Remmen


1. Hurricane Katrina was the largest and 3rd strongest hurricane to ever hit land in the U.S.

2. Up to 705 people got reported missing.

3. An estimated of about 80% of New Orleans was under water, some spots were 20 feet deep.

Weather Conditions

Katrina first intensified rapidly and become known as a Category 5 hurricane. Before it hit land though it calmed down to a Category 3 hurricane.

How people were affected

In estimated of about 1,833 people got killed during Hurricane Katrina. People prepare for it by watching the news and seeing if something like that occurs again.

Environmental effects

Afterwards, there was no houses that stayed in the same condition before the hurricane.

Estimated Costs of damage

It cost the government about $108 billion for all the damage that took place.

Reasons why Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean but hits the U.S east coast

A west-northwest track takes hurricanes well off the west coast. In the East Coast, the Gulf Stream has warm waters to maintain hurricanes.

Other Interesting facts

1. Hurricane Katrina damaged about 90,000 square miles.

2. More than 70 countries pledged monetary donations or other assistance after the hurricane. Kuwait made the largest single pledge of $500 million, but Qatar, India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh made very large donations as well.

3. Hurricane Katrina has winds up to 175 miles per hour!!!!