Please Stop Laughing At Me


Jodee Blanco is a girl who got bullied a lot as a child. She spend most of her middle and high school career switching from school to school hoping that the bullying would stop but it never really did. She would make friends and lose them at a blink of an eye. She tried so hard to fit in and be popular but all she got from that was more bullying. Eventually that lead to a ton of therapy and medication pills. Her parents didn't really help too much they insisted that kids will be kids. Years later at the class reunion Jodee was unsure whether to go in on one hand they might apologize but on the other they might mock her again she went in and they did apologize leaving Jodee able to forgive them.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is just an average girl trying to fit in, maybe she is trying too hard to be cool but getting bullied everyday for stupid reasons. She is a kind girl ready to stand up for someone in need. She comes from a family who has a hard time understanding that bullying is not okay on any circumstance. She just wants a loyal friend.


Jodee Blanco when she was a child got bullied way more then any child should, she was never able to forgive the people who were mean to her until she was an adult at the reunion when they finally after all these years apologized.


The theme of this book is to not hold on to the past, I know that sounds cheesy but if you hold on to something for so long you'll never be able to be happy. You need to be able to forgive the people who hurt you before you can forgive yourself.

Textual Evidence

A part in the book that really stood out to me is when Jodee finally went to a therapist and "I jumped off the couch and ran towed the door. It was locked." I know that the therapist should lock a door so that no one can walk in the middle of a session and its a privacy thing. But since i want to be a therapist when i'm older i would have handled it differently the room should feel like a safe place and not some kind of prison and if a patient wants to leave that badly you should let them. The door should be locked on the outside and unlocked on the inside.

Book Review

I give this book 3 stars out of 5 because this personally is not my book, and I think its a little hard to believe because it says she had no one everyone at least has someone. Other then that it is a good book. Very inspirational.

Multi-Media Sources:

The video is a little longer then its supposed to me but you can skip the beginning its really worth watching :) enjoy
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