English Language Learners

Marble Falls ISD

September 2, 2013

  • Serving over 500 ELLs: Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Armenian
  • Bilingual Spanish programs (PK-5th) at Colt and Highland Lakes Elementary
  • ESL programs (PK-12th) at 6 campuses
  • Current MFISD ELLs are 13% of student population
  • Statewide increase in ELLs 2001-2011 48%

Preparing to meet ELLs' needs

TELPAS, Accelerated Language Proficiency Plans

Ask your campus LPAC Coordinator about last Spring's TELPAS results, so you know what the current proficiency levels are for your ELLs. To move them forward we'll want to start where they are.

If you teach 3rd-12th graders, you'll have the opportunity to plan for the special language needs of any Beginner or Intermediate level language learners