Hosey Headlines

March 3, 2017

It's Time for our Super Bowl

The Terra Nova is our Super Bowl. It is the Big Game. While Terra Nova scores do not impact your child's report card grades or promotion, they are something that your child's 6th grade teacher(s) will look at closely.

Test Schedule

Monday: Reading Test. 8:40- 11:15 ish

Tuesday : Language 8:40- 10:00 ish

Wednesday: Math 8:40- 11:00 ish

Thursday: Science 8:40 - 10:15 ish

Friday: Social Studies 8:40- 10:20 ish

If your child is testing with Mrs. Nelson, his/her tests will be given in a slightly different order. Reading will be done last instead of first.

Please Read the Message I Sent on Feb. 27th Through Dojo

If you did not read my message Feb. 27th, it is still not too late to participate. Just send it on Monday.

End-of-Testing Celebration

We will celebrate once everyone in our class is done. If your child misses a test with me, he or she will make it up at a later time. Therefore we will not celebrate on Friday, the 10th.