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MIS Weekly Update

Feb. 22 - Feb. 26

Instructional Spotlight/School Improvement - Family Feedback Survey

  • Thanks to the help of our SIT team, we've developed a Family Feedback Survey that will be launched this evening through my Weekly Connect Ed Phone Call/email to parents
  • The purpose of the survey is to compile feedback from stakeholders in an effort to constantly improve per the goals of our School Improvement Plan
  • Please post the link to this survey on your teacher webpage as well as through your weekly parent contact

Above and Beyond!

  • A special thank you to our "car rider" team!
  • Although I was not able to get pics of all team members, I do wish to thank the entire team for their effort and willingness to work together to ensure student safety each day
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Students Helping Students - MHS

  • Sydney Bernhardt from MHS continues to work with her club to provide weekly mentoring for students at MIS.
  • Please reach out to Stephanie Shaw if you would like to arrange a mentoring opportunity for one or more of your students!

Super Sweet Kagan Strategies

  • Want to win $20 from Amazon or Teachers pay teachers? Now that you have looked at our 5 new strategies on the “Super Sweet Kagan Strategies” Thinglink - your challenge to USE one (or more of the strategies)!
  • Just share how you used the strategy in your room by posting on this Padlet wall! You can reflect on it and tell how it worked (or didn't work), share a link you used, share a video you took, share a student work sample, or just tell us whether you liked it or not!

There will be a drawing for a winner at the end of the month - FEBRUARY 29th (so you have 2 weeks to try one out)!

**Extra Bonus: If you let me know you are going to try a strategy and let me record it, your name will be put into the drawing twice! I would love to be able to get a video for each of the strategies shared! **

Again, here is the link to the padlet wall!

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Happy Birthday!

  • Feb. 22 - Olivia Richardson
  • Feb. 22 - Debra Fitzpatrick (Child Nutrition Staff)
  • Feb. 26 - Cindy Karriker (BASP)

Important Events

MIS Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night - Mon. Feb. 22 - (5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.)

  • Please make sure we have plenty of coverage for this event. Sign up for time(s) with Sue and/or Tonya in the front office.
  • We make a nice chunk of money from this event and it goes directly to supplies we can purchase!

SIT Team Meeting - Tues. Feb. 23 @ 3:30 p.m.

As always, we value your feedback! Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to assist our school improvement team in our next work session meeting on Tues. Feb. 23. Each item listed below is pulled directly from our school improvement plan. Re-examining our plan on a regular basis enables our school improvement team to highlight areas of celebration as well as develop strategies for continued improvement. Each question below is marked as a "required" question. If there are any questions that you are NOT able to speak to, simply type "N/A" in the box. The more feedback we receive grades 4-6, the better!!! Please be mindful that our responses should focus on kids and what we can do individually and collectively to improve the overall learning environment for our students. Our SIT team members will work in collaborative teams next week to develop next steps based on your feedback. Submit your responses by Monday, Feb. 22 at 4:00 p.m.

Interim Reports - Send Home on Thurs. Feb. 25

  • Traditionally, we have sent "Possible Retention Letters" home with 3rd Quarter Interim Reports (which will go home soon). This is the EARLIEST date that there should be any discussion about possible retention.

    Of course, retention is a LAST resort. We know that retention is rarely effective....when it is effective, students are young...K or 1st grade. However, parents should be notified with the 3rd quarter interim report if their child is not making the appropriate progress toward meeting grade level expectations.

    As we near the end of the school year, any teacher who is making the RECOMMENDATION (teachers ONLY recommend) for retention should bring that child to the school MTSS team for discussion. If the MTSS team (which includes an administrator) agrees, the team will then make a RECOMMENDATION to the principal. The PRINCIPAL is the only person who has the AUTHORITY to grade and classify students according to NC General Statues. If the PRINCIPAL makes the decision to retain a student, the principal will sign and OFFICIAL MGSD Retention Letter that will be reviewed/signed by parents at a conference with the PRINCIPAL, teacher, and parent. A copy of the letter will then be placed in the FRONT of the cumulative folder. **Don't worry...we will review this in a few months. I just wanted to give everyone a full view/reminder of the process.

5th Science Planning Day - Thurs. Feb. 25 (ALL DAY)

  • 5th Grade science teachers, please be on the lookout for planning information for this Thursday's meeting!

MHS Band Recruitment Show (6th Grade ONLY) - Fri. Feb. 26 (9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.)

  • An announcement will be made to begin calling 6th grade students to the gym on Friday.
  • The start of the show is tentative since MHS students will need to travel to MIS after they perform at EMIS
  • Performance will be over prior to lunch

MIS Yearbook ON SALE NOW!!!

  • Many of our students have already ordered a yearbook online. However, most of them have not. I will be putting yearbook order forms in your mailboxes. Please give these to the students who have not ordered a yearbook yet. (It would be fabulous if you were able to communicate directly with parents in addition to sending home the order forms!)

    Visit the link below to see which of your students have already ordered:

    • The yearbook price is $25 until February 26.

    • Students can pay with cash or a check written to MIS.

    • At the end of the year, there will be a limited supply of yearbooks available for $30.

    Please encourage students to order now. This helps me know how many yearbooks to have printed!

PTSO Luncheons - Mark Your Calendar

March 15 - No Coverage Required

May 12 - Teacher Appreciation Week Luncheon (Coverage Required)

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Selma Burke Center - Rakeem Brawley

  • A special thank you to Mr. Rakeem Brawley for the countless hours he invests in many of our students at the Selma Burke after hours program.
  • Mr. Brawley reinforces academics and school needs with students after they leave MIS on a daily basis.

Important Upcoming Dates - February

Feb. 22 - MIS Chick-Fil-A Night (Please sign up for shifts!!!)

Feb. 23 - SIT Team Meeting

Feb. 25 - Interim Reports

Feb. 26 - Makeup Cafeteria Benefits Meeting at Central Office

Feb. 26 - MHS Band and Chorus Recruitment Concert (6th Grade Only)

Mar. 1- Staff Meeting

Mar. 8 - New Teacher Support Meeting @ 3:30 p.m.

Mar. 8 - Board of Education Meeting @ 7:00 p.m.

Mar. 9 - Early Release Day

Mar. 10 - Technology Visit!!

Mar. 10 - Flex Tech PD @ 3:30 p.m.

Mar. 11 - All Pro Dad

Mar. 13 - Daylight Savings Time

Mar. 15 - MTSS Meeting @ 3:30 p.m.

Mar. 15 - PTSO Staff Luncheon (No Coverage Required)

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Weekly Differentiation/Instructional Strategies