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December 29, 2022

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ICYMI: A Holiday Message from Dr. Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

2022 UUA Holiday Video
President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, Dr. Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, shares a blessing for the holiday season in the final year of her administration.

Tech Team Updates - Andrea Capere

On December 10th, OUUC staff and volunteers that serve on our Tech Team gathered for a retreat, organized by Teresa Madsen, our Tech Coordinator.

The event included a comprehensive training session on our video production software, led by our counterpart and A/V consultant from First Baptist, Alex Stoker. In addition, OUUC Music Director, Troy Fisher, provided training and orientation on mixing live location sound for those in attendance.

The final part of our retreat consisted of a meal and conviviality, as well as a covenanting process, led by Rev. Mary Gear.

Here is the covenant the Tech Team created and adopted that evening:

Tech Team Covenant - December 10, 2022

We will use active listening skills.

We will keep an open mind.

We will reduce ecological impact where we can.

We will expect mistakes,

offer gentle feedback,

see as learning opportunities.

We will approach problems with curiosity.

We will consider diverse experiences.

We will keep an open community.

We will continue to examine our practices.

We will be open to new technology & techniques.

We will be learning and growing.

We recognize that we represent OUUC.

We will honor our commitments and share the load.

We won’t overcommit; mindful of our commitments.

We will communicate our needs.

We laugh together/stay silly.

We balance

Personability and professionalism

Connection and quality

Staff and volunteers recognize role

in creating sacred space and hold each other accountable for that.

Staff and volunteers will be transparent, communicate,

acknowledge power differences, and respect boundaries.

Stay Silly 😊

Working on the OUUC Tech Team is a rewarding experience. Whether you are seeking a new volunteer opportunity, community service hours, free skills building for a career or new hobby, or just want to join a joyfully fun team in providing sacred space in person and online - we want to hear from you. Please reach out to us at All ages and abilities are welcome!


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