Your Little Birdies

tweet, tweet, tweet

We learned so many fun things about birds this week….

We made nests out of Lincoln Logs, construction paper and playdough. We flapped, sat on eggs, scratched for seeds and pecked the ground as pretend birdies.

Here is our adorable Class Pic with our paper birds.

Anndi looks triumphant with a birdie in each hand, Grace’s expression cracks me up, and it looks like Cope is wearing his swan as a mustache :-)

Big image
Big image

Now that's a line^....

oh my we are making progress…. but like our own lives it comes in fits and starts (or trickles and spurts) :-)

I was reminded of my youngest sons antics as I think about me sending little notes about your sweet ones perfectly normal two year old behavior that gets a little spicy sometimes …I found out years later that Will would crumble up his behavior notes and throw them over the fence when his behavior went from the acceptable green to yellow or red paper notes-depending on the degree of mischief or spiciness.

So looking on the bright side, at least the peanuts in our class haven’t figured out they can throw the Daily Sheets over a fence yet :-)

Love your sweet kids and looking forward to our Mothers Day Tea :-)