Week 6 - Custom Pressure Points

What obstacles have you overcome on your way to success?

Coordinator Guidance
This may be the most important week of the CHAMPS program. The one thing that makes Ashford University unique is the wide variety of students we have. Most of our students are adult learners with jobs, families and other responsibilities they must meet each week. Learning to efficiently manage our time to meet all of the demands we have can be the difference in a new student's life; they will either adapt to life as a full-time student and find success, or school will be pushed aside, again. This week, talk to your mentee about the responsibilities they have. Talk to them about how they plan on maintaining a schedule that works for them to ensure their school work will get done. What will they do when a wrench is thrown into their plans? Do they have a plan B and C to make sure they have access to a computer and internet? Furthermore, talk them them about how they will not only find time to complete work, but get it done at a high-level that produces A work- just like you!

Action Items for Week 6

Mentee will visit the Ashford University YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/AshfordUniversity and discuss their thoughts on a few of the videos on “Student Stories, Ashford Degrees, Experience Ashford, Popular Playlists” or others…

o What do you do with your 24 hours?

o The Value of “Me Time”

o Avoiding Burnout

In written form (e-mail), Mentee will identify at least three “pressure points,” which are potential roadblocks to a smooth educational experience and e-mail those to their mentor.