junior high

Norfolk Junior High

By Alina Wright

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jack and jill

Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Jack and Jill went to get water on a hill. Jack tripped and fell on a rock and started rolling down the hill because he was clumsy. He hit his head on a boulder and got knocked out for and hour, and when he finally woke up, Jill was laying next to him still unconscious. Jill was scratched up and had a big bump on her head and had a black eye. Jack had three bruises, one on his head another on his knee and then one on his elbow.

pitch perfect

The movie was good because I laughed the whole time. I would like to go to a school where I can show off my talent, but just not in a group of girls this crazy, but maybe crazier. I would like to have fun like go to parties and hang out with girls like me. I would like to be in a singing group, so I can show off my talents.

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