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Linking Our School To Our Community September 10, 2021

Weekly News

Hello Middlebrook Families,

Dr. Semmel came to visit today! He observed our students during bus arrival and even visited most of our classrooms.

This week, although short, was very productive. We had a practice "Stay Put" drill, along with a lockdown discussion, on Thursday. The "Stay Put" drill was announced over the intercom and students remained in their classrooms during this time. The drill lasted about 5 minutes. This was followed by a lockdown discussion by each teacher. It was monitored by our Safety Director, School Resource Officer and School Safety Officer.

Gentle Reminders:

Tuesday, September 14th - BACK to SCHOOL NIGHT!! This is for parents ONLY.

Grades K-2 6:00-6:45pm

Grades 3-5 7:00-7:45pm
***We are limiting attendance to ONE ADULT for each student and following town ordinance, wear a mask. Please come in through the front door and walk directly to your child's classroom.

No School Thursday, September 16th - Yom Kippur

Thank you to all our families that pick-up for dismissal. We appreciate your patience during the first two weeks as we transitioned back to school.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~Debbie Ponte

Kindergarten Read Aloud

Kindergarten Families,

I had the pleasure of reading to some of our Kindergarten classes this week. I read Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang. The story is about a monkey named, Jim Panzee who wakes up in a bad mood for no reason. His friends tell him it's a wonderful day and try to help him. They encourage him to smile, un-hunch his shoulders, raise his eyebrows, dance, walk, eat, splash, and more, but nothing works. Ask your child about the story and how it ends! I hope to get into more classrooms next week and share a different story:)

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