How will we get to the USA? By swimming !

We will go to the United States by swimming !

Very huge time consuming, but very interesting, adventurous will be.~~*v*

When tired, We will relax in the nearby islands.

When swimming in sea, We are will wear this swim suit. (ㅋㅋ)

We will swim like a person in video.

They are very well to swim.

2008 장거리 바다수영 강수영 핀수영 조오련해설

What will we drive on our road trip? By the optimus prime!

We will drive a optimus prime, because we like Transformers.

When we risk, and he will be transformed. To help us.

When I travel with him, not afraid of anything. :-)

This video is movie's one scene.

Transformers are the transformation.


What music will we listen to on our Road Trip?

our first song is maroon 5 's 'Sunday morning'.

our favorite lyric is "Come and rest your bones with me Driving slow, Driving slow"

We like this song, Because we like singer's voice.

↓ This video is a live video of maroon 5 !

Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning (Live on Letterman)
Our second song is Beyonce's "Crazy In love".

Our favorite lyric is "Just how the love your doing no one else can".

This song feels like freedom. so, we like this music.

↓This video is a live video of Beyonce !

Who are we?