The Champion Celebration

January 2014

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Carolyn Champion

Thirty-One Gifts
Independent Senior Director

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9a-5p
Friday: By appointment only!

Team and Personal Stats for January 2014:

Team Stats:
Sales: $10,483.50
SDV: $18,863

EDV: $26,382.50
Team Size G0: 45

Total Team Size: 159

Directors: 2

My Stats:
PV: $1003.50
Recruits: 1
Parties: 2

New Consultants:


Kool And The Gang - Celebrate Good Times by wieslawa

Congratulations to our Super Stars!

Top In Sales:

Tracy Reeves $856.50!

Top Recruiter:

Top Partiers:

And look who sold $500 or more!

Director's Corner:

Top in Sales:

Jessica Colley $2,254

Top Partier:

Jessica Colley 3 Parties

Top Recruiter:

Jessica Colley

Director Team Sales:

Diamond Divas of LOV $10,678.50

Wynn LOV $3,060

T.O.T. Updates