Job Description Project

My job choice: Physician


About being a physician:

A physician is a doctor who practices medicine and diagnoses and treats people. To go to a college like Penn State for example and trying to get into a pre-med program a score of 2100 is needed for the SAT exam and a 32 and the ACT exam, you also have to be ranked in the top ten percent of your high school. The minimum requirements to be a physician are 4 years of college with an emphasis on science studies, 4 years or medical school which you must pass the Medical College Admissions Test to be eligible to enroll, and 3-8 years of internship or residency. A physician also needs to have their doctor of medicine degree (MD). Physicians usually work in clinics with nurses where they meet with patients and access their health and address any issues. They also treat them with prescription medication, refer them to a specialist, or suggest some other form of treatment. It takes a lot of commitment to be a physician, they can work 50 hours or more a week, get emergency calls from patients, and travel from their office to hospitals regularly. Yearly salaries can range from $111,616 to $242,300 depending on experience and location. People skills are important because physicians treat people and talk to people all day, they have to be able to deliver all sorts of information to the patient whether it is positive or negative.

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