College Composition & Research

Katelyn Clariday

About Me

My name is Katelyn Clariday, and I am currently a senior enrolled at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. This portfolio is a showcase of the work I have completed in the College Composition & Research class taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. After graduation, I plan to attend North Central Missouri College for two years on A+. After the two years, I plan to transfer to Northwest Missouri State University to major in Agriculture Business and Management.

College Composition Essays

Academic Resume

The Academic Resume is an outline of my accomplishments, activities, work experience, community service, and rewards throughout my high school career.

College Application Essay

The College Application Essay outlines an activity I participated in and the ways in which the activity impacted my life and my personal morals.

Narration Essay

The Narration Essay outlines an event in my life that has affected the person I am and has impacted me morally.

Analysis Essay

The Analysis Essay consists of my analysis of a reality television show and the ways in which it affects society.

Definition Essay

The Definition Essay defines education and explores other styles of teaching that strays from the traditional settings.

Summary/Response Essay

The Summary/Response Essay outlines and summarizes a problem in society as well as my personal thoughts on the issue.

Argumentative Essay

The Argumentative Essay argues the issue of overfeeding infants and the effects that can follow the baby through all life stages.

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