Author: Matt Wirzburger

Reviews are in!


“an uncanny ability to describe with colorful detail, makes the read feel visceral.””

“keeps you mesmerized with its colorful descriptions.”

“a gritty, inside view of a Latin American city unlike any work I have come across.”


“a very engrossing and entertaining read.”

“Filled with … hilarious sexual content.”

“While there is plenty of local color in the tale, I was not prepared for the insightful story of transformation that is the heart of the book.”


Gringo is a unique and insightful novel that introduces the reader to one of Latin America’s largest cities. Readers are surprised by its masterful prose and entertaining twists. Zach Steven, the main character, arrives in Peru from Massachusetts with the hopes of living a carefree lifestyle, to drink, dance and indulge in willing bodies without a care in the world. But love has a funny way of turning one’s fate. His love for Lima-born Clara and their decision to start a family turn his life upside down. Suddenly he is confronted with the Herculean task of providing for a family outside the safe confines of his suburban roots, enmeshed in the tangle of Peru’s burgeoning but merciless economy.