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1st Week of March

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Walk Throughs

Mrs. Castle and I have really enjoyed being in your classrooms this week! Thank you for allowing us to come in and experience the teaching and learning that is taking place on campus. As you have noticed on our schedules that we have sent out Mrs. Castle and I will be completing walk through at different times of the day. Keep up the great work! My challenge to you, is to try one new high yield strategy that you haven't before and to have your learning targets posted in your room.


Just to serve as a reminder please continue to monitor recess. I know this is a time for everyone, including you to take a mental break, but we also have to be diligent in supervision. If our students are too far to see what they are doing please adjust where they can go. We have lovely children, but they are children and if they think they can get away with something they shouldn't be doing, chances are they will try.

Statewide Tornado Drill

March 7th at 9:30 we will hold our statewide tornado drill. In Eastern NC we know the threats are real. Please work with your children to make sure they are located in the safest possible locations. Common sense always wins. If you are near the group bathrooms, go in and get down. They are the safest of all places to go. Please make sure you see the email that Mrs. Stitz sent out on Friday to review the locations that we should aim to get to.

Fun Time

Join us on Friday, March 9th, for our first school social. Let's meet at Carolina Ale House at 5 pm. Feel free to eat, drink, or just visit but do plan to come join in! Please RSVP to Mrs. Shivar. We will reserve space according to the numbers but everyone and anyone can come along! Your family is invited to join us.

Upcoming Events

March 5: Volleyball in the MPR after school

March 6: 1st Grade WAVE Day

March 7: 4th grade field trip to WOHS for NC Symphony; Statewide Tornado Drill at 9:30; SPT meeting

March 8: K WAVE Day. Castle gone to Sub Interviews at the CO

March 9: 2nd grade field trip to NSHS Sleeping Beauty; Staff Social at Carolina Ale House 5:00

March 12-23: Pasta for Pennies

March 12: Academic Derby match

March 13: Academic Derby match

March 13: Castle gone to superintendent's meeting

March 14: Grade Chair meeting after school

March 15: 5th Grade Wave Day

March 16: 4th Grade WAVE Day

March 19-23: 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmarks grades 3-5

March 20: 5th Grade Field Trip; Chorus Concert at 5:00; Cici's night

March 21: Committee meetings after school

March 27: 3rd Grade Field trip; Elementary NHS inductions at 6:00 in the MPR

March 28: Lock down Drill at 9:00; Workshop Wednesday

March 29: Castle gone at Principal's meeting

March 30: Good Friday- No School