China's one child policy


In the 1900 China's one child policy was different to the one now.

"in 1975 women of childbearing age in China had more than three children." The more children you have the better it would be for industries. "Ethinc minority mothers are permitted to have three or more children in China." More mothers in China should have the right to have more than one children."Urban families can only have ONE child but the Rural with the first born being a girl can have another child." Urban and Rural families should have the same rights and have more children.
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China has a strict limit on the one child policy.

Mothers who are getting ready to give birth should not be injected chemicals into their body. "Pan who was eight months pregant went to the hospital and was injected with chemicals to kill the child." Second kids won't be tolerated as much as first kids. "Pan only got a chance with her child, her heart broken and Pan screamed and cried loudly because her second childs body was black/burnt and the face had been peeled off." Putting new laws with the one child policy could be a con for urban areas. "Later that year there had been a court agreement about rethinking the Chinas one child policy now only in Rural areas are one child policy tolerated."
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Children in China that is a girl gets left or thrown away.

China needs to stop sending baby girls away. "China is still smarting from the national humiliation of having to export over 100,000 baby girls in the past 20 years." Most people who see abandoned baby girls on the street start to cry. "For half and hour I cradled the infant later I discovered it was a six-week old girl, I cried for the baby, mother, and mostly for my own kid; abandoned at a one and six days old." Mothers should stop being forced to abandoned their children. "Rural Chinese women were told by their Mother-in-Law or forced to strangle,drown,or simply throw away their baby at the moment of birth."