The International Potluck

Its here!!

GAU invites all Graduate Assistants at UF to come together for a delightful Potluck. Get to know your fellow International assistants, learn about their culture, and not to mention treat your taste buds to delicious food from across the globe.

Arranged at the Civic Media Center & Library

Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 7pm

433 South Main Street

Gainesville, FL

Everybody is welcome to bring food that is traditional in their nation.

GAU will provide the following - drinks, some food, and fire ring and fire wood in the courtyard.

Agenda for the evening...

  1. Join in for the game "International Trivial Pursuit"
  2. Sign up for translating GAU pamphlets to different languages
  3. Speak up! Write your queries and/or comments that you have about your position as a GA, TA, or RA on a wall provided, which will be addressed there