Demo Plan

Jeanna Mathews - Queensway Health Centre


Wednesday June 10th, 2015

Thursday June 11th, 2015

Time of Demo:

1pm - 3pm

Description of Activity:

I will be showing you how to make a chemotherapy package that is used by patients during chemotherapy class.

1. Take out 20 black folders from bookshelf and put on desk

2. Take a stack of green labels from the bookshelf and put in on desk

3. After removing the packaging on the folders, put a label on each folder

4. Take out sample chemo package from bookshelf and look at the pamphlets/booklets/sheets inside of it

5. Take out 20 of each pamphlet/booklet/sheet included in chemo package from the bookshelf

6. Lay out all the needed pamphlets/booklets/sheet on a desk

7. Take a folder and put in one of every pamphlet/booklet/sheet needed, with sheets and pamphlets on the right side of the folder and booklets on the left

8. Put the completed chemo package on the rolling cart

9. After finishing all 20 chemo packages, roll the cart to the front of the clinic

10. Place each folder into the drawer where nurses and patients have access to it

11. Go back to work station and put back unused materials on the bookshelf

12. Recycle any scraps that are left over


I have chosen this task because it is something that it part of my regular routine at my co-op position. My co-worker and I have been designated to be in charge of this task by the clinic's manager. Whenever a nurse needs to give a patient a chemo package they check the drawer or come to my co-worker and I to get one.

Required Materials:

-sample chemo package

-required booklets, pamphlets and sheets of paper

-rolling cart


-chemo package label

-black folder

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

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