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This Smore was made by Ian Han

Earthquake PBL

The project was about building a model two story house for Tony Stark to live in that can survive an earthquake. The driving question was "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?"
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This is my team's design for Tony Stark.
The main points I learned by completing the project is that the better a stucture is prepared for an earthquake such as securing the building to the ground, the less damage it will get from an earthquake.

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My Team's Building Shake Table Test

30Hands Project

I have learned that climate change and global warming is causing many changes to our daily lives. I also learned that these changes are caused by human emissions like cars emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
I enjoyed making the slides for the project in Pic Collage. I also enjoyed narrating each of the slides in 30Hands.
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This is my title page made in Pic Collage.

Invention Convention

My invention, the iCharge, can help solve the problem of destruction of the environment in the search for non-renewable resources such as coal and oil. For example, some mountains in Virginia were destroyed to get coal, and earthquakes occurred in the Midwest while fracking for natural gases. The use of non-renewable resources also leads to pollusion, climate change, and global warming.
The iCharge uses sunlight, which is a renewable resource, to change your smart device instead of charging it from your electrical outlet. When you charge your device from your outlet, the electricity that charges your device is generated by burning non-renewable fuels like oil and coal which can cause the problems stated above. The iCharge uses solar cells to create electricity from sunlight to charge your devices. This lets you charge your phone anywhere you go without having to use non-renewable fuels. If there is no sunlight, you can manually crank the handle to spin a small turbine inside which turns the shaft of a generator, producing electricity. This means that you can charge your device, in an emergancy, even without the sun. The iCharge is the size of a Rubrik's cube, small enough to fit inside your bag. With the iCharge you can charge your device anywhere, anytime and can even solve an environmental problem that is happening right now. The solar cells itself is recyclable by reusing materials from old batteries.