This Week in Room 108

Weekly Happenings in Miss Quaresima's First Grade Class

Week of March 10 - 14, 2014

Dates that Rate

March 10 - Read Across Titus Day

March 12 - Last Day of Operation Helping Hand

March 14 - Pajama Day

March 21 - First Day of Spring!!

In School this Week...

Word Wall

The Word Wall is a great writing tool in our classroom. I do not expect the students to memorize each word wall word, but they do need to be aware that the words are on the wall, so they can use them as a reference when writing in the classroom.

You will see a sheet of word wall cards come home in your child's homework folder every Monday. Please practice these words with your child at home. Check the Word Wall section of our classroom website for a list of our word wall words.

For the remainder of the year, our weekly word wall words will be included on our Friday spelling tests. The words will always be available on the wall; the children will need to locate them and spell them correctly.

This week's word wall words are:

also, best, each, them, write


A list of spelling words came home today in your child’s homework folder. There will be 6 new spelling words each week and 2 challenge words. The spelling words are chosen based on our Word Sort focus for the week.

Check the Spelling section of our classroom website for a list of our spelling words.

This week's spelling words are:

teeth, beak, tail, toad, near, load

The challenge words are:

float, train

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, there is a Spelling City app, too! Check out for more information!

Shared Reading

In reading this week, we are reading the story Fishy Facts. We are creating a KWL chart to share what we already Know about fish, what we Want to learn from this book, and what we have Learned about fish after reading. We will practice comprehension this week by matching fish facts with the correct fish. We will also discuss main idea and supporting details.

When reading at home, be sure to have your child talk to you about the characters, setting (where and when), the problem the character has, and the solution to the character’s problem. It is also great to practice making connections. Model for your child how a book reminded you of something else, then have your child share a connection with you. In first grade, we practice making connections to things in our own lives, making connections to the world around us, and making connections to other books we have read. Have your child explain to you how their connection is connected to the book. For example, the book The Three Billy Goats Gruff reminds me of The Three Little Pigs because there are three pigs in that story, just like there are three goats in The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Everyday Math

This week in math we will take our unit 6 math test. Later in the week we will begin our study of geometry. We will practice identifying shapes, learn how to describe the attributes of objects (shape, size, weight, color, etc), and will practice making patterns.

Next week, we will learn the definition of a polygon, will identify 3-dimensional and symmetrical shapes. This is a short unit, next Friday is our Unit 7 math test! Our test will also assess fact families and place value. Don't forget to practice these skills at home!

Science - Solids, Liquids, and Gases

This week in science, we will continue our study of solids, liquids, and gases. We will discuss how to determine the properties of objects, and create a list to answer the question: “How do you know if something is a solid?” We will discuss the changing properties of liquids and solids. We will experiment with water to see what happens when it is placed in the freezer as well as what happens to water in covered and uncovered cups in the classroom. Talk to your child about solid, liquid, and gas objects in the world around us.

In the Computer Lab...

Spelling City

On our classroom website, you can find links to the website Spelling City. This is a terrific site with some great games to help your child practice spelling while also having fun!! The most popular games are Hang Mouse and Word Unscramble. Check it out, here, and have fun spelling!!

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, there is a Spelling City app, too! Check out for more information!


Have you checked out XtraMath at home? is a great site that offers your child individualized math fact practice. Please email me if you need your child's log-in information.

BrainPop Jr.

The Titus Home and School association has purchased a one year license for BrainPOP, which is a very interactive online source for virtually every subject and topic associated with our elementary curriculum. We are now able to access BrainPOP, BrainPOPjr, and BrainPOP Español for both home and school.

In First Grade, we use the BrainPOPjr site at several times a week. Please visit the site with your children at home and encourage them to tell you about the activities we've completed in school.

Login: titus

Password: tigers

Check the Computer Lab Links page on our classroom website to find more fun learning games your child can practice at home.