Advocate's News

Some important info this time!

Angel Bus

I don't know how familiar any of you may be with this program, but Angel Bus is a charitable transportation program. They have a web site: I encourage you to utilize this as a resource for our families that may have medical appointments and are in need of transportation. I have requested some more information from them, but you can review their website.

Parent Seed Money

I know that some of you may have already informed Bobbie of what the parents have chose to do with the seed money. If you have not, Bobbie needs a definite answer by April 30, 2014. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bobbie.

Emergency Manuals

As you may know, I have updated the emergency plans and procedures and have already scheduled dates that I will be at the centers to review them with staff. These replace the old plans and procedures so please ensure that they are removed so that there is no confusion.


I'm slowly but surely making my way around to the centers to finish the hemoglobin screenings. As soon as I get all of the centers tracking sheets, I will update them and return them. We will then go over what is left and whether or not we need to begin having refusal notices signed.