A is for

Axis made in Germany and Italy and japan .

B is for

bunker was protection from america artillery and navy.

C is for

convoy to Greece and British forces

D is for

D-day was the first day of the Normandy invasion of world war II

E is for

enigma story began 1920 when the Germany military

F is for

flak called the eighty-eight was Germany 88mm

G is for

Germany's works party 1889-1945 the national socialist Germany

H is for

home front great Britain

I is for

Italy military during world war II

J is for

jeep formally as the u.s army truck ,1/4 ,4x4

K is for

kursk battle between Germany and soviet forces

L is for

Landon was bombed by the Luftwaffe

M is for

medic massacre was crime that took place in Korean

N is for

navy grew into a formidable force in the years

O is for

oss was a united states intelligent agency formed

P is for

pairs had been ruled by Nazi Germany

Q is for

quisling reference to followers of vidkun quisling

R is for

radar battle of Britain

S is for

Stalin it is Josef Stalin

T is for

teamwork women factory

U is for

ultra was the designation adopted by the British military

V is for

victory in Europe

W is for

WAC women army crops

X is for

x-ray WWII x-ray machine is already 125000

Y is for

yank the army weekly

Z is for

zero plane was a long -range fighter aircraft
World War II: Crash Course World History #38
Penn State trained female engineers during World War 2
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The first video is about world war ii and the second video is about women's factories and the last video is about d-day .