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Interchangeable Parts,

Eli Whitneys Interchangeable Parts

Eli Whitney has recently developed a new system of mass production, interchangeable parts. The economy is changing because of this massive breakthrough. Interchangeable parts is a system that involves similar parts that are fitted together to make something. This system was created in the northeast US. He made this for the US army, who needed muskets for the war, and to mass produce things easier. He did this by taking similar parts to make each individual product. This will change the world of mass production in the US.

For Sale!


Her at Whitneys mill, you can get your own cheap and mass produced musket made by Eli Whitney himself. These muskets are handcrafted and could suit your purposes whether you wish to hunt, fight in the army, or just hang it on your wall. This is a great chance to get a musket because they only cost 6.00 dollars. If you come in the next day you get it 0.25% off