Reece K.

'' No." Mom said. '' Why can't I have it?'' '' Seriously? You just went trick-or-treating. I think your candy can hold you off till next year. Besides, your teeth are going to fall out.'' '' Fine.'' I say.

We shopped for another two hours, it felt like it at least. I have nothing so far. Just mom has stuff she doesn't even need. All she got was some shirts, sweaters and a pair of boots. It took forever. '' Can i at least get a shirt or something?'' ''Sure, you can. And some socks too!'' Mom said. '' Okay.'' I answered.

On our way home I saw a cookie shop. '' Mom, we have to go there!'' " No way!" '' What about Sonic to get a drink?" " What?'' ''Dr.Pepper'' I answered. ''No.'' She said. '' Ugh.'' I shrugged. '' I told you, no more sugar!'' Mom yelled. '' But Mom?'' ''No.''

''Hey, Mommy!'' I hugged her. I love you so much!'' ''No.'' ''How did you know?'' '' Um, duh, I'm an expert.'' ''Ha, your so funny.'' I say laughing.

''What are we having for dinner?'' ''You choose.'' ''Okay! How about chick-fil-a?'' '' If you choose something healthy we can maybe go by somewhere and get some ice cream?'' '' Okay. Subway?'' '' Sure, sounds good to me.'' ''EAT FRESH!'' I say in a manly voice.

We went to Subway, to eat fresh, and I had a turkey sandwich. After, we went to Burger King and got a an extra large Sunday! '' Mom, thank you and this is AMAZING!'' '' Your welcome.'' She replied. '' Finally sugar that is not candy.'' I said.

Mom and I went back home and watched a movie, 007. ''Mom, can I have some Oreos?'' ''Are you kidding?'' " No?'' '' No you can't have Oreos, NO MORE SUGAR! You just had ice cream. Again, your teeth are going to pop out of your mouth.'' '' Whatever.'' I rolled my eyes. '' Don't you roll your eyes at me, go brush your teeth.'' ''Fine.'' I said back.

So, I went to the bathroom and ''brushed'' my teeth. ( I didn't really, though ) I hate brushing my teeth. She will not find out that I did not do it.

I went back to the living room. Oh no, I didn't wet my toothbrush, I told myself. ''Mom, where are you going? ''To the bathroom.'' She replied. '' Okay.'' ''Get in here right now!'' Mom yelled. I hurried in there. ''Yes?'' "Why is there a candy bar in the toilet?'' '' I really do not know.'' Will you get it out?'' She asked. ''Sure.''

''Goodnight, Mom.'' ''Goodnight.''

I woke up with a tooth ache. ''Mom? My tooth hurts!'' Why?'' She asked. ''I did not brush my teeth last night after all that candy and sugar I had.'' '' Well get in the car.'' ''Dentist?'' I asked. ''Yeah.'' "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.''


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