High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)

Overview of 2021/2022 Tasks for students in Grades 9 and 10

Greetings from the HSBP Office!

The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) has been a graduation requirement since 2009 and has specific requirements. A student’s HSBP is developed around three questions: Who am I? , What can I become?, and How do I become that? To answer these questions, beginning in grade 8 and continuing through grade 12, students will complete three career assessments, create a four-year course plan for high school, develop a résumé, and identify their career and educational goals.

Completing HSBP tasks in Grades 9 and 10 will make the completion of Grade 12 tasks a lot easier! Continue reading this newsletter or access the HSBP Schoology course (your student should already be enrolled) for directions on completing HSBP tasks.

We look forward to working with you!

-Dr. Johns

HSBP Coordinator

Students' HSBP Portfolio

As a reminder, Students' HSBP tasks are completed and stored in their HSBP portfolios. Students, please use this link to access your HSBP Portfolio: https://bit.ly/HSBPCompletion; use your Mukilteo School District login and password to access your portfolio.

HSBP Tasks for Students in Grades 9 and 10

Task 1: Update Contact information

Throughout the school year, the High School and Beyond Plan Department (HSBP) checks students' portfolios for task completion. Sometimes, especially for students in Grade 12, we need to be able to reach out to students about a task that may need to be updated in their HSBP portfolio. Students, please update your contact information by using this link to jump directly in to the Update Contact Form:

Class of 2024 (Grade 10): http://bit.ly/39bLvUl

Class of 2025 (Grade 9): https://bit.ly/3itK6gR

Task 2: Update Postsecondary Plans

Once students have ideas of possible career interests, they use the HSBP "Career Planner" site to explore what post-high school option(s) can best prepare them for the career(s) they are interested in.

In the HSBP 4 year planner, students document their current postsecondary plan; and then build their academic course plan to reach that goal.

Students, to document your current postsecondary plan:

  1. Log into your HSBP Portfolio, using your Mukilteo School District username and password.
  2. Under "Tasks: Middle School" click on "Postsecondary Plan"
  3. Once in the "Postsecondary Plan" worksheet, you will answer the question: "What is your plan for after high school graduation?". When you are ready to answer the question, click "Select" and choose your current postsecondary plan. Your postsecondary plan can change; you will have many opportunities to update your HSBP with your plan.

Detailed step-by-step directions for updating postsecondary plans in the HSBP Portfolio: https://bit.ly/3AjgU2k

Task 3: Four Year Course Plan - Planning Your Schedule

A 4-year course plan that meets state and local graduation requirements, aligns with career and educational goals, and documents a students' chosen graduation pathway(s) is a required element of the HSBP portfolio. Completing a 4-year course plan in the HSBP portfolio must be done in addition to submitting your course requests each year.

Students, please update your HSBP 4-year course plan schedule through Grade 12 in your HSBP portfolio. We've recorded step-by-step directions for planning courses in your schedule to assist you with the completion of this task.

Resources to help students with their 4 year course plans:

As students plan out their courses for the time they have in high school, make sure to explore opportunities that are available:

CHECK: Which Career Self-Assessments does your student still need to take (if any)?

To assist students in their exploration of careers and graduation pathways research, they take Career Self-Assessments and identify careers they may have an interest in.

Students, check your HSBP Completion Status tab to determine if you still need to take any Career Self-Assessments.

  1. Log into your HSBP Portfolio, using your Mukilteo School District username and password.
  2. In the center of your Completion Status page, find the Self-Assessments section. If you have a green check mark next to an assessment, you do not need to retake it; we have a record of your responses.
Big picture

Assessment needed You should have a "green" check for all three Career Self-Assessments (Preferences, Interests, and Skills) for students in Grade 10 and a "green" check for two Career Self-Assessments (Preferences and Interests) for students in Grade 9 . If you are missing a check mark, or you have a red check mark, you are missing a Career Self-Assessment.

Students in Grade 9, get a jump start on completing Career Self-Assessments and take the Skills Assessment today!

Students, use this link to jump directly to the Career Self-Assessments in their HSBP portfolio: http://bit.ly/HSBPInterests.

Each Career Self-Assessment only needs to be taken ONE time.

Step-by-step directions for completing Career Self-Assessments:

BONUS: Start a Résumé - Personal Details, Skills, and Education Experience

A résumé is a good way to introduce yourself. You will usually need one if you are applying for a job, an internship, or scholarship, and one may be needed for a college application. A résumé summarizes who you are including, but not limited to your experience, what you can do, and your unique skills, talents, and leadership and/or athletic abilities. A students' High School & Beyond Plan must include a completed résumé by the end of 12th Grade.

To have a completed HSBP résumé, students will need to include the following sections in their résumé:

Personal Details


Work or Volunteer Experience

Education Experience

Activities Experience

Tip: 100 resume verbs to use when writing your résumé

Students, follow these directions to get started on your résumé:

Get Started

  • Use the icons (to the right of the résumé subject area) to add your information.

Update Your Personal Details

The top of your résumé should include your contact information. This information is often centered on the page. Your contact information should include:

– Name

– Address (optional)

– Phone number

– E-mail address (professional & personal)

Use the boxes in the resume builder to guide you in the information you should update and add. Make sure to scroll to the top of the page and click to add your updated information to your résumé.

Next, Add (at least) 3 of Your Skills

In this section list your skills, interests and abilities. Even if you have never held a paid job before, you have skills. What are they? Head back over to the Skills Self Assessment or check out the career research section to get some ideas! Maybe you have tutored younger students or know how to develop a web site. Maybe you have run for office at school or organized a school event.

What Skills should you add to your résumé? To get some more ideas of what employers are looking for when you fill out this section of your résumé.

Make sure to scroll to the top of the page and click to add your updated information to your résumé.

Then, Add Your Education Experience

  1. Click on the icon (to the right of Education Experience) to add your information.
  2. Select and fill in the fields for the “Institution” (this is your school), the “Start Date” and “End Date” (this should be June the year you are planning to graduate, and for the “Program” write: High School Diploma).
  3. When you have finished adding information, select "Validate" to add your “Educational Experience” to your résumé.
  4. If you are attending other schools, make sure to document them as well. For example: being enrolled in Running Start at a local Community or Technical College through Running Start (“Program” write: Running Start) or attending Sno-Isle Skills Center (“Program” write: the Sno-Isle course you are taking).

Mariner HSBP Department

Ms. Savannah Powers

Mariner High School HSBP Specialist

Dr. Alexandria Johns

Mukilteo School District HSBP Coordinator