Mobile Killing Units

What were they?

The Einsatzgruppen were groups of German SS and police who have the task of killing the people who were seen as German enemies. These Mobile Killing Units were used around the time of the Invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Rather than moving the Jews from their homes to the death camps, the Einsatzgruppen allowed the Germans to bring the Jews to collection points in their hometowns and kill them there. These Mobile Units were another way for the Germans to mass murder the European Jews. The main way of killing used was to shoot the Jews. They began by killing only Jewish men, but it didn't take long until they extended it to all jews no matter what gender or age.
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The German SS would dig trenches at the collection points and would gather all the Jews into these trenches and shoot them.
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Transportation Trucks

The Jews were transported by truck from there homes to the execution sites

Einsatzgruppen Video

This video shows the process of the Mobile Killing Units. At the time, the German's it didn't seem to think that what they were doing was all that cruel. Looking back at it, it's very devastating to see that it was allowed for those people to be treated that poorly. In the video, it shows the reality of the Killings Units and how much hatred the Germans had towards the Jews.