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How Long a Wolf can Live

An average wolf can live up to 13 years.Captive wolves can live up to 16 years.Most wolves live somewhere from 8-13 years.Wolves can live for about 13 years and captive wolves can live to 16 or 17 years.

Colors of a Wolf

Wolves can come in a variety of colors.Most wolves are gray but they can also be a lot of other colors.Some wolves can be two different colors and maybe even more than two different colors.Red wolves are just little bit red and they are mostly gray and black.Wolves can be a lot of different colors like white,gray,black,tan,and some wolves can be a combination of colors.

How Many Members are in a Pack

Most packs have about 7 members but some can have more than 7 members.Some packs can have more than 20 members.A lot of packs have 5-10 members in it.Wolf packs can have different amounts of members.It depends on how much food is in the area.
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Where Wolves Live

wolves can live in different places of the world and different biomes.Not a lot of wolves live in Europe.A lot of wolves live in Alaska,Canada,and Asia.Wolves can live in forests,deserts,and mountains.Different wolves and packs like to live in different places.
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How Fast a Wolf can Run

Wolves can run at different speeds,it depends on what kind of wolf it is.Wolves can run 5 miles per hour at a steady speed.A gray wolf can run about 35 miles per hour in short bursts.A timber wolf can run up to 45 miles per hour.Different types of wolves can run at different speeds but they're all pretty fast.
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