Severe Weather

By:Myracle Devyne Cobb


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What is a Hurricane

A large storm that forms over warm ocean water with very strong winds that blow in a circular pattern around the center or eye ,of the storm

Safety Tips

Board up windows
stay away from windows
move further inland

Wow Fact

Hurricanes are made slowly

They mostly form from the Atlantic Ocean


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What is a Tornado

A small funnel shaped cloud with winds spinning at very high speeds
Some examples of the effects of tornadoes may be:high winds can tear apart buildings,
every time it touches the ground,it destroys everything in its path

Safety Tips

Find a safe place away from windows
If you cannot find shelter lie flat in a ditch don't stay in your car

Wow Facts

when the funnel clouds go to the ground it is a tornado

Although they can happen at any time of year, they are especially common during the spring and early summer.


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What Is A Thunderstorm

A severe storm with

lightning ,thunder,heavy rain,and strong rains.

Hall may also form.

Some examples of the effects of thunderstorms may be:heavy rains can cause flooding,lightning can cause fires,strong winds can blow over trees or power lines

Safety Tips

Stay inside if possible,
stay out of the water
and do not stand under trees

Wow Facts

Thunderstorms happen in every state, and every thunderstorm has lightning

A severe thunderstorm has winds at least 58 miles per hour or hail at least three-fourths of an inch in diameter.