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May10, 2023

Upcoming Events

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Photo ID Need it to enter the Building !!

Daily Parents,

Moving forward, in order to enter the building you must present valid picture identification to enter our building. When you ring the door bell you will be asked to show your identification to the camera. Thanks for keeping our school safe.

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Student Appreciation Week!!

Daily Dragons,

Next week we are celebrating Student Appreciation Week! Below is a chart with the dress up schedule for each day.


Pre-K - 2nd Grade will be having their Field Day on Thursday 18th, please make sure to wear comfy clothes that day. (3rd -5th Grade students can wear PJ's on that day) Please make sure that the PJ's are school appropriate.

3rd -5th Grade will be having their Field Day on Friday 19th, please make sure to wear comfy clothes that day. (Pre-K - 2nd Grade students can wear PJ's on that day) Please make sure that the PJ's are school appropriate.

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Gifted and Talented Testing Update

All testing results for Kinder – 5th Grade have been distributed to everyone that took the GT test. Please contact Ms. Steward at 281-368-2111 or email arodri30@houstonisd.org if you have any questions, concerns, or if you did not receive your results.

Thank you!

School Supplies Order!

We are already getting excited for next year! You can pre-order school supplies for 2023-2024 through EPI starting today! These pre-packaged kits have been selected by our teachers for next year. It is not required to purchase the supplies through EPI, but this is an option for your convenience! Note, there will be very limited supplies available for in person purchases in August. If you plan to purchase one of these kits, pre-ordering is strongly recommended. Deadline for pre-orders is June 25.


Intent to Re-enroll at Daily Elementary for the 2023-2024 School Year

Information will be sent home with zoned PK-4th grade students on Monday, April 24th. The completed form with necessary documentation is due back by May 9th. Please check your child’s folder/backpack for the Intent to Re-enroll form!

Incoming Kindergarten Siblings of Currently Enrolled Students

Parents of currently-enrolled students who have an incoming kindergarten student for 23-24 will provide that information on the Intent to Re-enroll form. An email will be sent out to those parents with information to complete a special registration reserved ONLY FOR INCOMING K SIBLINGS OF CURENTLY-ENROLLED DAILY STUDENTS.


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Field Day Information!!!

PTO Information!!

1) General PTO Meeting - There will be a general PTO meeting held in the cafeteria on May 12 at 8:00 am. Come find out what the PTO has been up to and help brainstorm for how to make it even better! All parents are welcome!

2) Women Self Defense Seminar - The PTO is happy to once again partner with Gracie Jiu Jitsu Houston to provide a Women Self-Defense Seminar on Saturday May 20, 3:00-4:30. Tickets are $20 and *all* money from ticket sales will be donated to the PTO. You must be 13 or older to participate.

3) Book Spirit Week - Are you ready for summer reading?! The Blue Willow Bookshop, located at 14532 Memorial Drive Houston, Texas 77079, is partnering with the Ray K Daily Elementary PTO to host a book spirit week! 15% of all pre-tax sales, in person or online, will be donated to the PTO when you mention you are with Daily Elementary. Take the opportunity to explore a local, independent book store and support your school all while getting ready for summer reading!

Thank you!!!

Yesmar and Andrea

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2022-2023 HISD Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Survey

Dear Daily Families,

You are invited to complete the 2022-2023 HISD Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Survey.
The purpose of this annual survey is to see how well your child’s school partners with you and encourages your family’s engagement in your child’s education.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and all feedback is anonymous. If you have multiple children in HISD, you are asked to fill out a survey for each school your children currently attend.

The deadline to complete the survey is May 19, 2023.

English Survey:

Spanish Survey:

Vietnamese Survey: http://track.spe.schoolmessenger.com/f/a/Uf99T7y32YiBPHLhlHCdZg~~/AAAAAQA~/RgRmMUDAP0Q0aHR0cHM6Ly9ob3VzdG9uaXNkLnJlc2VhcmNoLm5ldC9yL1BGRTIwMjNfVmlldG5hbWVzZVcHc2Nob29sbUIKZD5ADVBkyhzsPFIXQVJPRFJJMzBAaG91c3RvbmlzZC5vcmdYBAAAAAE~

Arabic Survey: http://track.spe.schoolmessenger.com/f/a/VzRQ3GWzditgLqprvZieLA~~/AAAAAQA~/RgRmMUDAP0QwaHR0cHM6Ly9ob3VzdG9uaXNkLnJlc2VhcmNoLm5ldC9yL1BGRTIwMjNfQXJhYmljVwdzY2hvb2xtQgpkPkANUGTKHOw8UhdBUk9EUkkzMEBob3VzdG9uaXNkLm9yZ1gEAAAAAQ~~

Mandarin Chinese Survey: http://track.spe.schoolmessenger.com/f/a/aYnxsZEQ8ktJ3ujFDnYvbg~~/AAAAAQA~/RgRmMUDAP0QxaHR0cHM6Ly9ob3VzdG9uaXNkLnJlc2VhcmNoLm5ldC9yL1BGRTIwMjNfQ2hpbmVzZVcHc2Nob29sbUIKZD5ADVBkyhzsPFIXQVJPRFJJMzBAaG91c3RvbmlzZC5vcmdYBAAAAAE~
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Perfect Lunch Attendance Promotion!

First Day of Promotion (Monday April 3, 2023)

Don't forget: Perfect Lunch Attendance Promotion for the month of April. Go through the cafeteria line and grab a lunch every day to be automatically entered in the drawing for a chance to win your very own Chromebook. GOOD FOOD and good luck!!

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Attendance - 90% Rule

Students who have accumulated more than 10% unexcused or excused absences in their courses during the school year will have asterisks printed on their report cards next to the courses in which the excessive absences occurred. Per the Texas Education Code (25.092) and FEC (LOCAL), a minimum attendance requirement of 90% of class meetings for the award of course credit.

What is the 90% Rule?

The 90% rule is a provision in the Texas Education Code (TEC) that applies to a student in any grade level from kindergarten through 12. TEC Section 25.092 provides that a student may NOT be given credit or a final grade for a class unless the student is in 90% of the class is offered. Students who lose credit due to excessive absences may appeal if the student achieves an average of 70 or above at the end of the semester in which the no-credit (NG) status appears.

What absences count under the 90% rule?

ALL absences count, whether excused or non-excused, in determining whether the student has attended the requisite number of days to receive class credit or a final grade. According to the Texas Education Agency the 90% attendance requirement in Section 25.092 applies regardless of whether the student is exempt from compulsory attendance or whether the absence excused.

Every day counts!

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Handbook Highlights

Early Arrival

We have several families who are dropping off their students outside school before supervision begins. Please DO NOT drop off your students at Daily BEFORE 7:15 am. If your child walks to school, please time their departure from home so that they do not arrive to school before 7:15 am. We do not have staff available to supervise students until 7:15 am.

It is NOT safe to drop off your students before supervision begins. Because there is no staff on duty, some of the students are making poor choices and students are getting hurt. Please remain in your car with your child in our carpool lane until the carpool lane begins at 7:05 am.

HISD to offer free COVID-19 testing for students and campus staff

HISD to offer free COVID-19 testing for students and campus staff

Our goal in HISD is to foster a caring, joyful, and challenging learning experience for every student, every day. That’s why your school will provide free COVID-19 testing to all students, faculty, and staff in partnership with the Houston Health Department.

Testing is completely voluntary and requires parent/guardian consent first. Free testing puts our student’s health first, it allows us to maximize learning in school and promotes equity by ensuring every student has access to testing if they want it and if you, as their parent/guardian, provide consent.

  • Who will be tested? We will offer testing to everyone who consents - all students and staff - even if they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19.

  • How is the testing done? The COVID-19 testing is free, quick, and easy. Trained medical professionals will conduct testing with a short, shallow nasal swab.

  • Where and when is the testing done? Our school’s testing site will be in a room or area large enough to accommodate an organized flow to testers in and out of the space. Testing will take place every two weeks. Test results will be available within 24-48 hours.

  • How can I be sure that my student’s information will be protected? Sharing of information about your student will only be done for public health purposes and in accordance with applicable law and policies protecting student privacy and the security of your student’s data.

We are asking you to:

Volunteers in Public Schools - VIPS

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer at school. All volunteers must complete a background check in order to volunteer. Please click on the link below to register for VIPS and volunteer at any of our school events.


Parent Handbook 22-23

Parent Handbook Please click on the Parent Handbook below to know all the A to Z's about being a Daily Parent!

Translate this newsletter into ANY language!

Translate this newsletter into ANY language!

Please note that when you open the newsletter link, parents can click on "Translate" and select the language of preference. See the picture below.

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Gifted and Talented Update

If your child is in 1st - 5th Grade and took the GT exam in February, the results will be released after April 6, 2023. When the scores have been released results will be sent home. If the date changes, there will be an update put in the Daily news.

Contact Ms. Steward at arodri30@houstonisd.org with any questions or concerns about the Gifted and Talented Program.