Tasnim Mellouli: Introduction

This is my introduction poster presenting myself. :)

The Basics

I'm a very friendly person, I love chocolate and running, and I want to change the world with kindness.
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Tunisia: My beautiful country

I'm really from Tunisia (but I've lived in Orlando most of my life) so I'm already cooler than most people. The Tunisian heritage I grew up with allowed me to really appreciate my culture while also being grateful for the opportunities America has given me. I miss my family (not my immediate family, they live in Orlando too) every day.
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Unique Fact: I'm an aunt!

Being an aunt is so much fun, but also so much work. Regardless, I cherish every moment with my nephew. <3

(BTW, in the picture below is my sister and my nephew.)

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Major: Biology

Because you can do so much with this major! For me, I would really like to do something that will help the environment, and maybe implement policies using my scientific knowledge.
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At such a big school, and with such a difficult discipline, I really value a small environment with people who have similar goals and aspirations. This program also provides opportunities for research and learning more actively about other careers and other potential paths we can pursue.

EXCEL and Success

The first year of college is known to be very difficult and along with my hard work, EXCEL can have a part in my success. With the supportive professors, and all the resources we can use, being successful is more attainable. Smaller classes and mentors are very encouraging and motivating.

Thank You <3