that was then this is now


Adolescence:young person who is developing into an adult

Ex: Kid and Play Have been friends for a while. Kid's adolescence's kicked in when his dad died and he went to college while Play did not.

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Kid was maturing and Play was still partying and focused on music while kid was studying in college.Kid had times were he would slip up but he was smarter enough to still focus on his college work.

That was then this is now

Marc and Bryon had a really good friendship. They.They have been Friends every since every since they were little.Bryon let Marc move in with him when his folks killed each other in a drunken rage.Bryon and Marc were both alike until Bryon started showing adolescence by getting a job,and not fighting.
I choose this poem because it shows the stages from adolescence to becoming an adult. Eventually everyone has to grow up in life either if they like it or not.

Marc's Problems

Marc needed to act more like an adult and have more adolescence because his actions he committed ended him up in jail.Bryon on the other hand who had adolescence had a job good grades and didn't have to worry about having an p.o (probation officer) or being in jail. Marc sold drugs which ruins other lives and from what happened ruined m&m life .

baby ninja mutan turtles

The ninja turtles was baby's and immature before they were big grown crime fighting super hero's.Splinter told the story of raising baby ninja turtles as not being easy but as they got more mature they learned a lot on there own.
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The transitional period between puberty & adulthood in human development is another way to describe adolescence. In the book That was then this is now one of the many universal message was that adolescence plays a big roll in there life.My opinion on adolescence is the responsibility is ruff and hard but if you try and start off wondering you will start to be better at it in the future.

3 Facts about adolescence

Fact 1: Adolescence changes a persons life from immature to being a young adult and maturing. Fact 2: Adolescence isn't a choice it just happens.Fact 3: Adolescence also involves puberty.