Michael M. Horsford

Teacher's Assistants

Personal Statement

Phil Jackson said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” I'm an outgoing, respectful, responsible, and trustworthy guy. I'm proud of all the little things I do for my family. One day I cleaned the whole house without my mom telling me too. This an example of taking responsibility and taking the lead. I'm also proud of the fact that i'm more than honest and that's a trait i pride myself in. I'm very athletic and love sports; my favorite is football and track. Playing sports has taught me how to be a leader and to work as a team. Teamwork is a characteristic that allows the maximum potential of any person to be reached. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”



Richmond VA 8509 Weatherly dr.



Obtain a part time job being a teacher assistant.


Byrd middle school 6-8

Skipwith elementary K-5

September 3, 2003 – present Day

· A,B honor roll student. Bright light award SCA PRESIDENT


June 25, 2013 | September 2013 electrical and pluming. I good at sports and didiated to football, i work hard to achieve my goals to being a great football

Apex building company.


I'm very athletic and strong. I'm good at following directions and was a teacher assistant in 5 grade. I know how to work computer well. I can work power point, smore, tack, padlet, and word and lots off computer stuff. I can work the copier printer and i can file. i play football and track and love sports


Work experience journal

1/10/2014- i began writing my personal statement using S'more. Today I set up my s'more and got a pretty good start on my work. i almost finished my personal statement. I also filled out the rest of my resume. Today was a good day of work.

1/15/2014- I finished writing my personal statement using S'more. I began searching for a life quote that best fits me. I found the best one for team work “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” .

1/31/14- Today i learned about capital one, and how to properly have a interview. I took a practice interview and did great. I only need to work on speaking louder and being confident. I began studying my personal statement.

2/19/14- Today i took a tour of the teachers lounge. I seen where the copier, Construction paper, I learn how to use the copier And to make double sided single sided . Mrs. Jones showed us how to add staples and 3 holes.

2/21/14-Today i began my first day of work. I use my skills i learned wensday to make copy's for Mrs Robertson. i made double sided and singled sided. Also i made single to double sided with staples and whole punched.

2/24/14- Today was my second day of work. I made a lot of copies for Mrs. Robertson. When i finished she should me how to use the electric hole puncher. After that I graded her papers then was done for the day.

2/26/14-Today i learned how to use the laminator . Also how to cut it correctly. I made copies of paper single to double sided and double to single. I graded paper for the first time. Today was a really busy day.

2/28/14- Today I made over 400 copies for Mrs. Robertson in multiply colors. Then i helped Mr. Semo with copies then we went outside to hang up the side for the golf tournament. I finished early so I help Ben because he had a lot of work and not enough time

3/5/14- Today I stapled the act of kindness chains together there and helped Mrs smith with a project. Today was a busy day but not much to do cause the stuff I did was time consuming.

3/7/14-Today I graded paper for Mrs Robertson. All my other teachers didn't need my help so I sat and read a book the whole time.

3/10/14- Today I Helped Mrs Robertson and Mr. Golding set up there lab. It smelled really bad because it was baking soda and vinegar. After that I cut and made copies of stuff for Mr. Smith.

3/17/14- Today I Recycled paper. It took the whole day because we did the whole school And some of the stuff where heavy but i used my Super muscles to lift it. After We finished Me and coop carried the ply wood to Mr. Gotschalk room.

3/21/14- Today I Graded paper for Mrs Robertson and smith. I also Helped hang up the act of kindness chain. Thats all for today

3/23/14- Today I Made copies for Mrs Robertson and she gave me candy. I sat and read a book in Mrs.smith

3/31/14- Today i made copies for Mrs Robertson. I graded papers for Mrs ford. Also i cut these note cards for Mrs.smith. I organized a stack off paper for Mr.Golding and that was it for today.

4/7/14 today i recycled papers and graded papers. I read a book the rest of the class.

4/21/14 Today I recycled the papers in the library and office and ended up doing the whole school. I made copies for Mr. Golding.

4/28/14- Today I didn't have any work to do so i sat in Mrs. smith class and watched a video about science.

4/30/14- Today I didn't work.

5/2/14 Today I helped with the golf tournament and I meet Anna Wilson.

5/7/14 Today I sat and Mrs. smiths room and listened to them review simple


5/9/14 Today I recycled papers in the whole school. It took the whole day to finishes cause there was lots of paper. Thats it for day

5/12/14 Today I worked on my work experience journal.